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Q: Where did the flute originate from?
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Related questions

Where did the flute originate?

The flute originated somewhere in northern france.Flutes started in South America.

When does the flute originate from?

People have excavated flutes that date back to 37000 BC, but the modern flute was made in 1847.

Where did the concert flute originate from?

somewhere about 30,000 years ago, but this is when the first flute was made. It was a carved bone and was found in a cave in northern France. Don't know about the concert flute.

Where did the alto saxophone originate?

The alto saxophone basically came from the flute and the clarinet. Although it has a reed mouthpeice of a clarinet, it has all of the same fingerings that a flute has.

Where did flutes originate?

the flute was heard to have originated in a cave near Ulm in Germany. but many scientists thought that the first flute was a bear bone. the first flute was found in a cave and was made out of a vultures wing bone

Where did the flute guitar originate?

you are an amateur. its obviously from Neverland. oh the good old days i had with peter. you wish you were me

A list of woodwind instruments without a reed?

Flute, Piccolo, Bass Flute, Western concert flute, alto flute, Contra-alto flute, contrabass flute, double contrabass flute, hyperbass flute, and Irish flute.

What are the names of all the flutes?

Piccolo flute, C flute (^^), alto flute, bass flute, and contra-bass flute!

What is the difference between a regular flute and a harmony flute?

a harmony flute is like a bass flute or an alto flute meanwhile a regular flute is anything other than those types : )

Why is the flute called a flute?

The flute is called a flute for one main reason. That it was made in German lands and it was called a flute to be distinguished from the recorder.

What makes an alto flute different from a flute?

Alto flute has a lower pitch than a normal flute.

Who made the 'Flute'?

Theodore Boehm made the flute that's closest to the modern flute in 1847. This flute is very very similar to the common flute nowadays.

What is higher the tenor flute or the alto flute?

the alto flute

What is a sentence for flute?

She plays the flute in the local band.The flute is a musical instrument.

What are the members of the flute family?

There are many members of the flute family. Here are three:1. The concert flute-the flute you would normally play on in band, etc2.The piccolo- practicaly a mini flute with some changes.3.The alto flute- a flute that curves at the mouth piece and is tuned a 4th lower than the concert flutePiccolo, flute, alto flute, and bass flute

Which is correct English - he plays flute or he plays with flute?

"He plays flute" or "He plays the flute" would be grammatically correct.

How many instruments are there in the flute family?

In the modern flute family there is a C flute(the most common one), a piccolo which sounds an ocatve higher, an alto flute in the key of G (so a fourth lower then the c flute), and a bass flute which is an octave lower then the c flute.

Who has the flute?

I have a flute.

What are the origins of the flute?

the flute was origanly the recorder and it slowly evoved into the flute

Where do you get the flute in Pokemon Crystal?

there is no flute you have to play the flute recording on your radio

What is the difference between a concert flute and alto flute?

An alto flute has a lower pitch than a concert flute. It's made and shaped differently, but is still a member of the flute family.

What do you clean your flute with?

To shine your flute, you can get a polishing cloth (buy it where you bought your flute), And rub it all over the outside. To clean the inside of the flute, you use a cleaning stick (also available where you bought your flute), then use a rag or a cleaning cloth (also available where you bought your flute) . Take apart the flute and put the rag over the stick and push it in the flute and then pull it out.

What flute do you use in Pokemon platinum to catch arceus?

the flute is the azure flute

What sound does the nose flute make?

like a airy flute/flat flute

What other kind of instrument does the piccolo look like besides a flute?

The piccolo looks like all the other instruments in the flute familily, including the c flute, as well as the alto flute, bass flute, contra bass flute, etc.