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Where did the government come from?


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Depends on which government you are talking about. This question is hard to asnwer, be more specific.


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yes yahwehbenyahweh come with thocratic government on his shoulders

The power of the government is the people.

Most government revenue comes from us

The money to pay postal workers come from the taxes collected by the government. This is part of the government expenditure.

well the government banded Justin Bieber from Australia

The term "senate" comes from the ancient government of Rome.

The government of England came to power through an election

The ideas of self government originally came from England.

because the government thinks they will take our jobs and money

The rules for government come up within the government. People as in myself or yourself have the right to make a petition and have the United States look at it. The rules come up in the government within the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

the three government programs

they get it from the government so that it is held

because of their government in cuba. Cubas's government, people are obligated to have the same thing and Cubans try to come to usa to have a better live.

There was not any kind of government in Connecticut in 1635. People had just come to the Americas and were talking about forming a government.

They come together to make federalism and they share the power.

to have a temporary government authority

only god and the government knows

Military overthrow of the then government.

A type of legislation that does not come with money from the government

Its really The basic rights of the government come from the people :)

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