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The answer to this question depends on a few other factors. Tarawa lasted 76 hours, start to finish. 724 Navy and 950 Marines died directly, with another 3 Navy and 34 Marines dying of wounds later. Iwo Jima lasted 38 days, with 934 Navy and 4907 Marines killed outright, and another 48 Navy and 614 Marines dying of wounds later. Source: US Navy Bureau of Medicine, History of the Medical Dept in WWII Vol 3. Ground casualties at Omaha on the first day come in at around 1500 dead, most suffered by the US 1st and US 29th Divisions. The airborne operations behind Omaha were very costly as well, but the 238 reported Airborne deaths are not broken out to detail which beach was supported. Source: It's important to note that only deaths have been factored in here. The term casualty normally includes wounded. The data is available but not necessarily enlightening. An infantryman wounded on Omaha who is killed breaking out of St. Lo fits which category? Over time, it's possible that Monte Cassino (in Italy) or the Huergen Forest (in Germany) produced more casualties than the battles you mentioned.

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What was the outcome of the battle for tarawa?

Tarawa was one of the bloodiest battles of world war two but is rarely talked about. The United States Marine Corps and Army were victorious over the Japanese but casualties on both sides were heavy. There isn't enough space here to really get into the details of the battle but if you google battle of tarawa you will find a great deal of information on it.

When did Battle of Tarawa happen?

Battle of Tarawa happened in 1943.

What is the duration of With the Marines at Tarawa?

The duration of With the Marines at Tarawa is 1080.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Tarawa Beachhead?

The duration of Tarawa Beachhead is 1.28 hours.

Where was the battle of tarawa?

Tarawa Island, part of the Gilbert Islands in the Central Pacific.

When was With the Marines at Tarawa created?

With the Marines at Tarawa was created on 1944-03-02.

Is there a List of Tarawa dead?

check a web site called tarawa on the web. It has a complete listing of all killed at tarawa 20-23 November 1943

What country has a capital called Tarawa?

Tarawa is the capital of the Republic of Kiribati, a country in the central Pacific Ocean.

How are the Battle of Berlin and battle of Tarawa alike?

The two battles involved overwhelming the defenders . These two battle were alike in that both produced high casualties and the defenders were both members of the Axis who were defeated by members of the Allies .

What are the ratings and certificates for Tarawa Beachhead - 1958?

Tarawa Beachhead - 1958 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-16

What is the capital of ellice island?


What was a factor of the allied victory at Tarawa?

the tide

Which of these was a factor in the Allied victory at Tarawa?


What is the phone number of the Camp Tarawa History Foundation in Kamuela Hawaii?

The phone number of the Camp Tarawa History Foundation is: 808-885-8611.

When did the battle of Tarawa happen?

World War II.

What was the strength of the allies in the battle of tarawa?

Allies were 300

What happened during The Battle of Tarawa?

japanese attcked on

Where is the Camp Tarawa History Foundation in Kamuela Hawaii located?

The address of the Camp Tarawa History Foundation is: Po Box 2560, Kamuela, HI 96743-2560

Why did The US Marines had severe casualties at Tarawa?

The high casualties are said to be a result of poor planning on the part of the higher command who knew little of the tides around Tarawa , Marines were forced to wade to shore through coral that was razor sharp and an unusually low tide with constant machine-gun fire from the Japanese who were in entrenched fortified positions , sniper fire , the heavy equipment loads caused the drowning of many Marines who happened upon underwater shell holes and deeper water . There were not enough Amtracks (Amphibious tractors) to deliver the Marines to the beach because of a Neap tide forcing most Marines to transfer from LCVPs (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel [Higgins boats] ) to the Amtracks which broke up the assault waves . ~ Look to the related link below for more information regarding this battle for the Pacific island of Tarawa .

What is the name of an Atoll in pacific used w w 2?


When did the Allies capture Tarawa Island in the Pacific?

In November 20, 1943

What is the capital city of Kribati?

The capital of Kribati is South Tarawa. :D

When was the invasion of Tarawa during World War 2?

20 November 1943

Was The Battle of Tarawa fought during World War 2?

Yes , the Battle of Tarawa was fought during the second world war : November 20 to November 23 . See related link below to additional information .

What are the release dates for With the Marines at Tarawa - 1944?

With the Marines at Tarawa - 1944 was released on: USA: 2 March 1944 Belgium: February 1945 Czech Republic: 4 April 2005 (Febio Film Festival)