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When people first saw them.

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Q: Where did the idea of leprechauns come from?
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What is a leprechauns real job?

leprechauns probably come from the Greek idea of the satyr. These are magical beings who cause people problems and grant wishes

Where do leprechauns come from?

Leprechauns are from Irish folklore.

What time do leprechauns Come?

They do not. Leprechauns are fantasy creatures

Do leprechauns come to night or tomorrow night?

No. They come out in March on Leprechauns day at night.

Where do leprechauns and banshees come from?

Banshee and leprechauns are part of Irish folklore.

When do leprechauns come out?

They come to your house at night.

How did leprechauns come into existence?

Leprechauns aren't real they are mythical creatures like Gremlins and Vampires

Do leprechauns come out in rain or sun?


Where did the myth of leprechauns come from?

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When do leprechauns come?

on saint-patrick's day

When do leprechauns come to your house?

olny on lepuronsday

What time do leprechauns come out at?

They come out rarely at day time but sometimes at night. You can get Leprechauns to come out at day and night only on St. Patricks Day.

Do leprechauns come even if it's raining?


Do leprechauns come on st.patricks day?

Leprechauns are a folk tale out of Ireland. They are not real and do not come out on St. PatrickÕs Day or any other day. They are also not at the end of the rainbow.

Do leprechauns like light?

Not really they normally come out at night

Do leprechauns come on the night before Saint Patrick's Day?


Do leprechauns come March 16?

I don’t know anymore

What year did Wisconsin Milwaukee start the myth of Leprechauns?

The idea of leprechauns did not start in Milwaukee, but most likely came there when the first Irish arrived in the 19th century, most likely.

Do leprechauns come in the door?

Yes, but they're too short to reach the doorbell.

Where did the lepechaun come from?

Leprechauns are creatures from Irish folklore, so they would be from Ireland.

Can a leprechaun come the night of stpatricks day?

Leprechauns are fantasy creatures and do not exist.

What do girl leprechauns do?

guy leprechauns

Do leprechauns have magic?

Leprechauns have magic, but leprechauns aren't real (As far as we know...)

Can leprechauns be found in Colorado?

No. Leprechauns do not exist.

Are there leprechauns in Wisconsin?

There are no leprechauns except in stories.