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Kick up your heels - to celebrate, or have a wonderful time, esp. after a long period of work or seclusion. For example, "When the ship docked after a three month deployment, the sailors kicked up their heals at a local pub."

Probable Origin -- When released from a stall or barn into an open paddock or field, a horse will often gallop around the pasture, occasionally bucking and kicking its hind legs into the air.

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What does the idiom 'to get a kick out of something' mean?

To get a kick means to enjoy - it's an older slang term from the idea of kicking up your heels with joy.

To kick up your heels is a figure of speech meaning to what?

"To kick up your heels!" is to celebrate. Get up and do something.

To kick your heels up means?

To "kick up your heels" means to enjoy yourself, have a good time, party on, etc.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kick Up Your Heels - 2013?

The cast of Kick Up Your Heels - 2013 includes: Taylor Beck as Instructor Jacinta Landon as Instructor Samantha Schnitzler as Instructor

What does 'get a kick out of something' mean?

A "kick" is slang for enjoying something, as if you were so happy you kicked up your heels with joy.

How do you tell a horse to getdie up?

You mean to go foward? Kick gently with your heels or squeeze gently with your calves.

What is the meaning of this idiom prices never come down?

I'd say that's more of a true statement rather than an idiom. Prices never DO come down - they always go up.

How does a bison play?

They kick up their heels and buck and shake their head at their playmate; they love to butt heads with each other and lock horns.

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for June 15 2012?

Kick up your Heels was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for June 15 2012

Where did the power come from when you kick a ball?

from the power you build up in your leg

What is the meaning of 'kick up your heels'?

It means to act frisky, like a young deer or other long-legged animal, especially while dancing.

What is a synonym for romp?

cavort, frolic, horse around, caper, prance, play, gambol, leap about, let off steam, bound about, kick up your heels

How tall would maria sharapova look with a 5'6 tall boy when she is wearing high heels?

Depends on her heels. If she was wearing 10 inch heels she would be 7 foot 2, and a 5'6" man would probably come up a little bit over the bum.

What do you do with your cat when it dies?

kick it up the ass and then kiss it better it will come back to life probebly

What does the idiom to be up to date mean?

to be up to date is really not a idiom it means to be of the latest model or technology or to use a better word up to date

Do you keep you toes up when riding a horse?

yes you keep your toes up & heels down yes you keep your toes up & heels down

What idiom has a description of surrender?

An idiom that means surrender is to "wave the white flag." A closely related idiom is to "throw in the towel" which means to give up."

Does anyone have tips for keeping your heels down when riding English?

I ride dressage but i just try and pretend that i have weights attatched to them. I alao get someone to watch and yell at me if they come up. I also used to stang on the edge of things and stretch my heels down to make my heels do it easier. I hope i helped!!

Laugh up one's sleeve idiom french?

to laugh is 'rire' in French,and the idiom 'to laugh up is sleeve' is 'rire sous cape'.

What is a rugby kick called?

There is; A goal kick Drop Kick Grubber kick torpedo kick Up and Under Cross field kick

What has the author Robert E Jennings written?

Robert E. Jennings has written: 'Corporateness and education' -- subject(s): Case studies, Local government, School management and organization 'Kick Up Your Heels'

What the idiom on the up and up mean?

It means things are trustworthy.

What is the slang for kick to the vagina?

Falcon kick, I suppose. I made that up, because a punch to the vagina is called a falcon punch. So if I had to use similar slag, falcon kick would do. On the other hand, I am sure that you could come up with something more interesting as a slang name.

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