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It was in 1960 in America

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Q: Where did the idiom rat race origin from?
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Where did the idiom rat race full origin come from?

An Americanism from the 1930's referring to the continual routine of competative activity

Where did the idiom against the clock originate?

what is origin of the idioum race against the clock

What is a rat race?

'A rat race' means following others without using own mind or personal ideas. This is an idiom based on chasing the trend that some one else has set but is not suitable for all. As we can see that rats don't use their minds when move in groups. It is the leader but not every individual that uses the mind. That's why this situation is known as rat race. Like most of people are dying to study abroad just because some others are successful. This blind chase is rat race.

What does the idiom a rat race mean?

The idiom "rat race" is used to mean a pointless activity that some person (or rodent) is being forced to do. It is based on the use of rats as lab animals, which often involves running them through mazes or other such exercises which might broadly be called rat racing. It serves no actual purpose for the rat, only for the researcher (and in many cases one can argue that there is also no purpose being served for the researcher either, if the research in question is poorly conceived). Many employees often feel that they are in a comparable situation, being made to do meaningless things by their employer. For some people, life seems to be just a rat race.

What does rat race is a perfect name for it?

rat race is not a good name

What is the duration of The Rat Race?

The duration of The Rat Race is 1.75 hours.

When was Rat Race released?

Rat Race was released on 08/17/2001.

When was Radar Rat Race created?

Radar Rat Race was created in 1981.

When was The Rat Race - novel - created?

The Rat Race - novel - was created in 1950.

When was Rat Race - song - created?

Rat Race - song - was created in 1976.

What was the Production Budget for Rat Race?

The Production Budget for Rat Race was $48,000,000.

When did Radar Rat Race happen?

Radar Rat Race happened in 1981.