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During the American Revolutionary Period, particularly after 1783, loyalists from the fledgling United States of America often started new lives in either Great Britain itself or the British colonies that would later become the nation of Canada. It should be noted that not all loyalists chose to leave America, but those who did typically found refuge in areas that remained under the control of the 'mother-country' of Great Britain.

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What were the Loyalists concerns over acquiring new land?

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What are the five different types of loyalists?

1. First Nation Loyalists2. New Brunswick Loyalists3. Black Loyalists4. Nova Scotia Loyalists5. Upper Canada Loyalists6. Soldier Loyalists

Why did the patriots vs. the loyalists start?

the patriots vs the loyalists started because the revolutionary war was about to start, and was inevitable. This resulted in a split in the people, patriots wanting to secede from England, and the loyalists wanting America to stay with England

Who were the Colonist who remined loyal to the King Of England during the American Revolution?

they were called the loyalists or, united empire loyalists. they fled to new brunswick and Canada after the revolutionary war. they were called the loyalists or, united empire loyalists. they fled to new brunswick and Canada after the revolutionary war.

What year did the patriots and the loyalists start to fight?

in the year 1776

What were both patriots and loyalists in at the start of 1776?

the revelutionary war

What has the author Paul J Bunnell written?

Paul J. Bunnell has written: 'Life of a Haunted House' -- subject(s): Haunted houses, Ghosts 'The House of Robinson: The Robinsons of Rhode Island' 'Thunder over New England, Benjamin Bonnell, the Loyalist' -- subject(s): Biography, American loyalists, United Empire loyalists 'Thunder over New England' -- subject(s): Biography, American loyalists, United Empire loyalists

What drew many immigrants to the west?

So they can start a new life in the united states wanted to start a new life because they where poor and had a bad life.

Why did the immigrants moved to new york?

to start a new life

How its a problem for the new nation after the war was that thousands of wealthy Loyalists?

Thousands of wealthy loyalists left the country for Britain and Canada.

Did women wanted to move west and start a new life on the frontier?

is true that women wanted to moved west and start a new life on the frontier?

Do you have new life?

There are many ways in which you could create a new life for yourself. You could start something new for example.

Why was life difficult for loyalists during the revolution?

Patriots constantly persecuted them.

What is life like between the Tories and Loyalist neighbors living in North Salem in the story My Brother Sam is Dead?

Life between Tories and Loyalists was quite peaceful, since they are the same side. It was life between the Loyalists and the Revolutionaries that was difficult.

Who founded New Brunswick Canada?

The United Empire Loyalists

What state was loyalists stronghold during the revolution?

New York.

What was the purpose of mummifiction?

it is to start a new life after you die

What has the author Clifford Kenyon Shipton written?

Clifford Kenyon Shipton has written: 'National index of American imprints through 1800' -- subject(s): Imprints, Indexes, American literature, Bibliography 'Harvard loyalists in New Brunswick. Founders' Day address, February 27th, 1964' -- subject(s): United Empire loyalists, History 'New England life in the eighteenth century' -- subject(s): Biography, Civilization, Harvard University, History 'Harvard loyalists in New Brunswick'

Why was New Brunswick's motto important to the people in New Brunswick?

New Brunswick's motto - Spem Reduxit (Latin, lit; "Hope Restored") - spoke of the Loyalists' return to life under the British crown and refusal to give in to the Yankees.

The Arrival of loyalists marked the beginning of what provice?

New Brunswick in 1784.

Where were the least number of loyalists located in the colonies?

New England and Virginia

How many loyalists took refuge in New York?

over 9000

What of the three main colonial regions had the fewest loyalists?

New England

Where did the loyalists live?

The loyalists were individuals that once lived in England and chose to move to the 13 colonies throughout the New World. Despite their decision to relocate to the New World, these individuals maintained their loyalty to England.

Why was the statue of liberty meaningful to the immigrants?

Because to them, the statue was a sign of freedom, of new life, and of a brand new start on life. :)

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