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Lump of Coal Tradition Theory:
  • It started in Holland. When a child was bad they got a lump of coal, but if they were good they got a small toy, cookies or candy.
  • There was a pervasive belief in the mid 19th century that if you were poor it was because you or your ancestors did bad things. They were poor because God was punishing them.
  • Most of England and Europe was powered by coal. Most household furnaces were coal burning. They would take coal and put it in pans under the bed to stay warm at night. So coal had value. If you were a poor kid, you were lucky to get coal that you could use to keep yourself warm on cold winter nights. The rich had nice warm houses and lots of goodies in their stockings but the poor, who were so as punishment from God for being bad were lucky to get coal.
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Q: Where did the lump of coal Christmas tradition start?
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How does someone end up with coal in their stocking?

There is an old tradition that a lump of coal in a stocking hung up on Christmas Eve, is a sign of good luck for the coming year. It ends up in your stocking because Father Christmas put it there, of course!

What do bad boys get for Christmas?

A lump of coal

What do bad kids get from Father Christmas on Christmas?

Bad kids get a lump of coal from Father Christmas on Christmas Day.

What do bad kids get from Santa Claus for Christmas?

Bad kids get one lump of coal for Christmas.

What poor children got for Christmas in Victorian time?

A lump of coal

What might a naughty child find in their stocking on Christmas morning?

A lump of coal.

Is it mean to send someone a lump of coal at Christmas? is very wrong to send somebody a lump of coal. It was featured's Top Ten Ways To Make The naughty list.

What do bad boys and girls get for Christmas in Germany?

they get a lump of coal just like you in america

What is another name for a lump of coal?

A burning lump of coal is called Ember

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A Lump of Coal was created on 1991-10-08.

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Is lump coal a common noun?

Coal is a very common noun. Lump is a common adjective and noun.

Where can one purchase a lump of coal gag gift?

Lumps of coal can be purchased at science shops, such as the ones where you would buy science kits for children. Also, if you have a year-round Christmas store, they often have lumps of coal as gag gifts.

How much is a lump of coal worth?

The price of coal varies depending on the level of customer demand. Additionally, the size of the lump of coal will make the price vary.

When did the lump of coal in the stocking start?

the history of coal in a Christmas stocking is nothing more that being left of the toy list as a result of bad behavior. when stockings were being filled the the gift giver reaches down by the fireplace to the bin grabs a hunk or two coal and stuffs the naughty child's stocking while placing toys in the stockings of those children who have been a joy to their parents.

What do a diamond and a lump of coal and graphite have in common?

both a diamond and a lump of coal are primarily composed of the element Carbon (C)

How much does coal cost?

Coal, despite what is said, is abit more expensive than what most people say it is, for example; be good or you'll get a lump of coal for your birthday/Christmas etc. it's more than that, we need it, therefore it's expensive.

How did the coal tradition start?

The tradition of teaching children that they would receive a lump of coal in their stockings if they were bad, began in Norway. In Norway, Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) is a Catholic Bishop accompanied by an enslaved blackamoor named "Zwarte Piet" (Black Peter in English). Complete with black woolly hair, and Al Jolsen style black-face, he is doomed to lug Santa's bag of presents as his personal elfin slave (played by children in black-face). As the legend goes, if a child has been bad, zwarte Piet will reach into his back and grab a coal and permanently turn the white child black. You can search the web for images of zwarte Peit that range from the comical to the occultic. The tradition continues as part of Nordic Christmas celebration today in the greater part of Europe, and post Colonial Central and South America, and much of the Caribbean.

What is an impurity in coal?

black lump

Coal dust burns faster than a single lump of coal?


How much does one lump of coal cost?

Depending on the size of the lump, a penny to a few pennies.

In the Christmas carol Why doesn't Scrooge start a larger fire in the office?

Coal of the time was quite expensive. Scrooge detested expense and would put some coal on his fire in his room and barely a who lump was aloud on Bob Cratchits . Scrooge would prevent Bob using coal by placing the coal scuttle in his room so Bob did not have access to it. This is why Bob is always portrayed as warming his hands on the candle at his desk to keep warm and why Mrs Cratchit hated Scrooge

What were the chimney sweepers paid?

a lump of coal

What was the element carbon named after?

It comes from the Latin for coal with is carbo. (Coal is basically a lump of carbon).

What do naughty children get from santa?

Traditionally, a lump of coal.