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Where did the name California come from?

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The origin of the name is not known for sure but there are some various ideas on where the name "California" is derived from. It is the fifth oldest place name in America. See link for more information.

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How did the city of Sacramento got its name?

the first people to come to California where MexicansAnswerthe first people to come to California where Mexicans

Where did berkelium's name come from?

The name berkelium id derived from Berkeley Laboratory, University of California.

Where did the element name californium come from?

The name of the chemical element californium is derived from the name of the state California, USA.

What book did California get its name from?

It is postulated by some to have come from the novel Las Sergas de Esplandián, where California was the name given to a mythical island populated by beautiful black Amazon warriors.

Can jeanette come to California?

can jeanette anne dimech come to California to do a concert

What is the name of the California tree?

The name of the California Tree is the California Redwood.

Do vampires come from California?

Vampires can come from anywhere.

Where does California get its name?

California is thought to have gotten its name from a fictional paradise.

Why did the gold rush want California to come into the US?

why did the gold rush want california to come into th us.

When was California Here I Come - album - created?

California Here I Come - album - was created in 1982.

What was the first name of California?

California Nueva or Alta California.

What is the name of the wildfire going on in California?

what is the name of the California wildfire going on now

What state do carrots come from?

they come from the city bakersfield in California

Who named California when and what does California mean?

Spanish explorers gave California its name. The name California comes from a mythical island in a 1510 Spanish book.

Where did California get its name?

California got its name from a mythical island off the coast of India with the same name.

How did Hollister come up with its logo?

because of all the segals in california!! I agree with the answer but, im thinking that there is a more logical answer that Holister got its name from just the segals in california. I know it has something to do with the outdoors and california. that information came from Wikipedia.org -Kaleb

Who gave California its name?

well it all started when i went to California with Snoop Dog he said we should name it California

What is the name of the 1970s song containing the lyrics please come to California?

Are you sure the lyrics don't go "Please come to L.A. to live forever" That song would be "Please Come To Boston" by Dave Loggins

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