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Where did the phrase 'the whole box and dice ' originate?

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The phrase 'the whole box and dice' originated from dice games such as liar's dice. It is most common in Australian English, and means the whole thing.

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In the box what is the noun in this sentence or phrase?

'In the box' is a noun phrase; the noun is box.

What is rolling 12 on a pair of dice called?

box cars

Where did Pandora's box originate from?

Zeus gave it to her.

What does the phrase 'dumb as a box of rocks' mean?

it means that the box of rocks didnt listen anything and the person in this phrase is compared with box of rock

Puzzle 113 a Stack of Dice Professor Layton and Pandora's Box?

Puzzle No 113: A Stack of Dice, Location: Northeast Path Answer =The number (6) is on top of the cube.

What country did Pandora's box originate from?

The myth is ancient Greek.

What types of games are played in Denmark?

they would box with meatl inside the gloves . and a dice game

Which solid has exactly 9 edges?

cube or rectangular prism, look at a tissue box or a dice

How many dice could a box measuring 3 units x 8 units x 4 units contain?

The question cannot be answered without information about the size of the dice.

What are three examples of items that have the same shape as a rectangular prism?

juice box; computer tower; dice

What is the appositive phrase in this sentence The town has a new restaurant the Black Box located at Twelfth and Westminster?

An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that renames another noun or pronoun just before it.The appositive phrase is the Black Box, which renames the noun phrase 'a new restaurant'.

What is the phrase four fans in Japanese?

the box of chichen

When playing board games are you suppose to keep the dice on the actual board when rolling the dice?

It's nice to keep the dice visible, but may not be possible because of other items on the board. If you are concerned then you may want to use something else like a plate, the top of the game box to keep the dice constrained without messing up the game board or you could use a cup and mix the dice.

What things at home are shaped like a cube?

Mail box Photo frame Shoe box tv tissue box board game box some cushions some boiled sweets dice(having six no.s)

Can a pandora bracelet box have the phrase 'pandora' on the outside of the box or is it always the logo that appears on the outside of the box?

A Pandora bracelet box can have the phrase 'Pandora' on the outside of the box but it is always with the logo of the diamond ring in place of the letter 'o' in Pandora. That's how you can tell a real from a fake.

What is a word or phrase entered into a search engines text box?

The word or phrase entered into a search engine text box is the search term. It can be different depending on what is being searched.

What is the complete prepositional phrase?

The preposition, the object of the preposition, and everything in between. The object of the preposition answers the question "(preposition) what?" For example: He looked in the box worriedly. "in the box" is the prepositional phrase because "in" is the preposition, and "box" is the object of the preposition. "Box" answers the question, "(preposition) what?, or in this case, "In what?"

Is in the box an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. But it is a prepositional phrase that can be an adverb if it refers to a verb (e.g. he found a coin in the box).

Who coined the phrase idiot box in 1959?

John Updike

Which words in the sentence make up the adjective phrase Doris bought her mother a box of chocolates A her mother B a box C of chocolates D Doris bought?

In the sentence, "Doris bought her mother a box of chocolates.", the adjective phrase is A, 'her mother'.

What is the 90s board game with the orange box that looks like a face and you pulled the nose to roll the dice?

Win by a Nose

Can a small amount of solids fill large containers?

Yes, for example, if you have 10 dice and you put it in a container, then it will fill up the container. If you have box, you can put individual solids in and it will fill the box.

A box of candles is this right grammatically?

Gramatically, the phrase "a box of candles" is correct. Also, if you had more than one box, you would say "boxes of candles."

What is to open a Pandara's box?

The phrase "To open Pandora's box" means that something that you have done that may have been small at first turns into a big problem. The phrase originated from mythology. Pandora was given a box by Zeus and told not to open it, she did which allowed evil to enter the world.

What is cubed centimeter?

A cubed centimeter is about the same size and shape as a dice. It is a perfectly square box where every side is 1 cm.