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Female bacon comes from female circumcission in the BDSM scene. Each girl has two. Once the labia are cut away they resemble bacon. Thus the term, 'Female Bacon.'

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Does bacon come from male and female pigs?

Yes, It comes from the abs of a pig!

What is the sentence of bring home the bacon?

what is the verb phrase for the sentence bring home the bacon

What does bacon come from?

Bacon comes from pigs.

What are the staple foods of Canada?

maple syrup and back bacon (female bacon)

Is there a difference between bacon from a male pig and bacon from a female pig?


What are bacon bones?

Bacon bones come from tucker browns

What part of newsearland does bacon come from?

bacon is pork belly

What country does bacon come from?

Bacon originaly came from Denmark.

Where does bacon come from?

Bacon is pork, which comes from pigs aka hogs.

Which phrase does not come from the Preamble to the Constitution?

Which phrase does not come from the Preamble to the Constitution?

Where does bacon and pork come from?

Pork is the meat from Pigs, bacon is produced from pork.

Is bacon from Ireland?

No Bacon is from pigs and pigs come from Canada. So yea.

What is bacon made of?

American bacon is made out of the belly of the pig, though the word "Bacon" means back. Other places have Bacon come from the back.

What does the phrase ''What's shakin' bacon'' mean?

The phrase «What's shakin' bacon» is foremost a play with rhymes.«what's shakin'» means «What's going on?» or «What's up?».«bacon» makes the whole phrase rhyme, and depending on context, may be either intended as humor or an insult (calling the other person a pig or calling them fat.)

What foods come from hogs?


Does bacon come from the US?


What meat does not come from a pig?


Where does bacon fat back come from?

P-I-G. A pig. That's where bacon comes from.

What is difference between American bacon and Canadian bacon?

they come from different parts of the animal

Where does bacon origially come from?

Bacon is pig. I don't know if that's the answer you're looking for, but bacon comes off a pig. lol :)

What is the difference between pork ribs and bacon ribs?

Bacon ribs come from near the belly of the pig where the bacon comes fron pork ribs come from higher up the rib cage.

Which country does bacon come from?

the pigs native country, therefore Canadian bacon comes from Canadia.

What language does the word bacon come from?

BACON, May be related to the Dutch word for pig, which is VARKEN.

Does bacon come from cows?

Traditional bacon, as defined, only comes from pigs. However, there are products on the market that are not made from pig meat that are also called bacon, like Turkey bacon.

What cut of pork does bacon come from?


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