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Where did the phrase up and Adam come from?

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I think that you mean "Up and at 'em". I believe this saying came from the great war of 1914, when the troops came up out of the trenches to advance on the enemy. The cry "Up and at 'em boys" would have given the troops encouragement.

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Is there a phrase Up and Adam?

No actually that is what is mistaken for the phrase "Up and at 'em"

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Up and Adam or up and at 'em?

It's the one that makes sense. UP and AT them (chores). Up and at 'em makes more sense when you think about it as a whole phrase. When does someone usually say this? When you're lying (or sitting) down, right? Like when you first wake up, or when you're being lazy. So think about it: the "up" is as in "GET UP." Get up and at' em. GET up and GET at them. Think about it that way, and then "Get up and get Adam" doesn't make any sense (unless there's somebody named Adam nearby). Nor does "up and atom."

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Ten Apples Up On Top!"

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