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The red eared slider orginates from Mississippi river near the Guelph of Mexico , thery prefer hotter climates so then were found in Virginia and Florida also

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Does a Red eared slider have a backbone?

Yes, a Red Eared Slider has a spine.

How do you teach a red eared slider to follow you?

I dont know it depends on the red eared slider

What are predators of the red eared slider turtle?

Clown Fish, they love red eared slider turtle.

How big do ghost red eared sliders get?

Ghost Red Eared Slider Turtles will get to be the same size as normal Red Eared Slider Turtles, which is 10-12 inches.

When do red eared slider turtles bask?

Red eared slider turtles bask though out the day. There is no specific time that they prefer.

Does that sliders turtles have red on its head?

The red eared slider does, but the yellow bellied slider does not.

Does a red eared slider turtle have a voice?

Do red ear slider turtle have a voice

What is the cost of red eared slider turtle?

when i bought my red eared slider turtle in turtle shack.comit was$12.00.but i dont know if they are cheaper.

How can you tell when a red eared slider turtle is happy?

For info on this, visit the related link 'How to keep a red eared slider turtle happy'.

Are Red eared slider turtles poisonous?


Do red eared slider turtles migrate?


What eats the red eared slider?


How do you tell if your red eared slider turtle is a boy or girl?

a girl red eared slider has small claws. a boy has big sharp claws.

What are Good names for red eared slider?

good names for a red eared slider should be based on their personality/what they're like. hope this helped.

What is the purple mark on your red eared slider?

they are red marks.

How much water do you need in a fish tank for your baby red eared slider?

A baby red eared slider needs as much as two of its shells sideways.

How often do red eared slider turtles need to go to the vet?

Every 6 months you should take the Red Eared Slider Turtle to the vet

How can you tell if your red eared slider is a baby?

Depends on how big it is!red eared sliders can get very big.

What should you name your red eared slider?


Can a red eared slider turtle regrow its tail?


Can red eared slider turtles eat cabbage?


Why is my red eared slider throwing up?

its dying

Where did red-eared slider come from?


What fruit can you feed your red eared slider?


Is it normal for a red eared slider to tilt?


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