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Where did the term 'big wig' come from?

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Check Out Maven's "Word of the Day", which happened to be BigWig.

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Where does the term big wig come from?

In the late 1700's it was common practice for men to wear wigs. The bigger the wig, the more expensive they were, thus; the term big wigs refer to those who had a lot of money and power.

How big is a fig in a wig?

as big as a mig in tig

Where did the term bigwig come from?

From the 1700's when important people in England wore wigs and the bigger the wig the more important you were

What rhymes with big and has to do with a ball?


What is the other name of the wig that barristers wear in court?

Periwig or peruke is the term for the horsehair wig.

Does big and wing rhyme?

No. Big - Wig Wing - Ping

What rhymes with pig?

Big, dig, fig, gig, jig, rig, wig, twig, swig, brig.Dig, brig, and prig rhyme with pig.big, dig, rig, jig, wigTwigWigFigJigSwigBigRigDigGigSprigTwigWhigZigTrigdig big fig lidbig, dig, rig, jig, wigTwigWigFigJigSwigBigRigDigGigSprigTwigWhigZigTrigdig,big,zigtwigbig dig gigFigTwigBigDigJigRigWigZig

Where does the term hench come from?

The term "Hench", comes from the words Big and Bulky

What is a big wig?

A person who has an important and powerful position. From the 18th century when distinguished men wore big wigs.

What rhymes with big rig?

Fig wig!

What rhythm with big?


Which conutry did the word wig come from?


How can you tell if a woman is wearing a wig from casual observation?

Pull the hair, if it doesnt come out, shes not wearing a wig

What is a rhyming word pair for large hairpiece?

a big wig

What is a rhyming pair for an abundance of fake hair?

big wig

What is a hink pink for large hair piece?

big wig

What are the release dates for The Diner - 2011 The Big Wig 1-5?

The Diner - 2011 The Big Wig 1-5 was released on: USA: 19 December 2011

What is a rhyming word pair for big hairy pig?

big pig If it has to do with hair, try big pig wig.

What is a periwig?

A periwig is a historical term for a wig - from an Old French term perruque meaning "wig". The original perruques had long hair on the sides and back - and were generally worn by men in the 17th and 18th centuries.

What does the expression big wig come from?

During the reign of Louis XIV, wigs were virtually obligatory for all European nobility and 'persons of quality'. At that time they were known in England as periwigs, which was shortened to 'wig' by around 1675. Wigs were expensive to purchase and keep in good condition, and were generally worn only by the powerful and wealthy. Since ostentation was fashionable in Bourbon France, over time the wigs became bigger and fancier, often to the point of absurdity (and even requiring scaffolding!). The term 'big-wig' for an important person came into being around this time, and has continued to be used even today.

Does Dolly Parton were a wig?

yes she does......didn't you notice the big head she has but even though she wears a wig I'm still a fan of her ;D

Does wig have a short vowel sound?

Yes it does. It has a short i sound as in wit and big. Wig also rhymes with dig, jig, pig, and twig.

Does pullip require a 8-9 wig or a 9-10 wig?

pullips require a 8-9 wig. 9-10 is a bit big for them and it's usually for blythe dolls.

What is a rhyming word pair for an abundance of fake hair?

Big wig.

Do most Cleopatra costumes come with a black wig?

Cleopatra actually wore a black wig but her hair was not naturally black. So the answer is yes, most of these costumes will include the black wig because that is authentic.