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Why did the conspirators need Brutus to be a part of their plot

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Q: Where did the term Pussy Cat come from?
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Related questions

Why are cats called pussy's?

Pussy cat is a special term referring to a female cat, just like a male cat is a tom cat. This usage predates the similar slang term.

Why are cats sometimes called pussy cats?

Pussycat (or pussy cat) is a term for a female cat, just as a male is called a tom cat. So it's like the difference between a chicken and a rooster. By the way - the term "pussycat" is much older than the similar slang term!

When was Pussy Cat Pussy Cat created?

Pussy Cat Pussy Cat was created in 1805.

How do you say pussy cat in German?

pussy cat = Mietzektze

Why do you call it a pussy cat?

In America and Britain, it is a pussy cat. Whatever the term, we're talking about the domestic cat. The term pussy comes from the other word for cats, which is Puss, as in Puss in Boots. Many people still call their cats by going "puss puss puss" instead of "kitty kitty kitty." In the Isle of Manx they have shortened this even further, and just go "psss psss psss!"

What year did the song buttons by the pussy cat dols come out?

September 13, 2005

Why is some cats called pussy cat?

Among other things, "pussy" means "cat".

Who wrote The Owl and the Pussy-cat?

Edward Lear wrote The Owl and the Pussy-cat poem in 1871.

Is Jerry the cat known by any other name?

Yes, his owner calls him "pussy cat"! They used to say "pussy cat" for a name for cats now a days the word "pussy" is offensive to others!

What Year did What is New Pussy Cat come out by Tom Jones?

What's New Pussycat was released in 1965

Why is a cat sometimes refered to as a Pussy Cat?

In days of old a cat was called a puss or a pussy, hence pussycat. In the Netherlands a female cat is called "poes" pronounced as poos

Why do you call a cat a pussycat?

The origins of the term are unknown, but the name is probably related to the 'pss-pss-pss-pss' sound that is commonly used to call cats. Note: The original usage of "pussy cat" is to denote a female cat, just as a male cat is called a "tom cat".

Who is the transexual in pussy cat dolls?

None of them.

Is it weird that you like your cat lick your pussy?

Yes it is

What did the owl and the pussy cat dine on?

They dined on mince and slices of quince, which they ate with a runcible spoon. From: The Owl & The Pussy Cat by Edward Lear.

How many pussy cat dolls are there?


How do you say pussy cat in spanish?


What is a 8 letter word for meowing pet?

pussy cat

Was there ever a pussy cat doll by the name of Crystal?

No, there wasnt. The Pussy Cat Dolls formed in 2005 with 6 members. Today there are 5, Carmit being the one to leave.

In Tom and Jerry is Tom the oldest?

yes. he has been around awhile, that pussy cat.He is an old and fat pussy cat.

What does it mean when a man say you have some good pussy?

It means that he likes cats, and that he thinks your pussy cat is beautiful and sweet, with a good disposition.

Who sings when you grow up?

The Pussy cat dolls

Are the pussy cat dolls hot?

You must be on crack!!

Who is the leader of the pussy cat dolls?

Nicole Scherzinger.

Ang es mega?

wet pussy cat

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