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The Timucua Indian Tribe lived in Northern Florida... They also lived in Huts, made out of wooden poles stuck in to the ground..... Sometimes there would only be 10 Huts in a Village, but other times there can be 50 to 60 Huts in a village...... The Timucua Indians were one of the first people to come in contact with Europeans. There language was called Timucua language...... The people of the Timucua were said to be average height of 6 feet, or more! They were Hunters, Gathers, and farmers......

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Q: Where did the timucua Indians live?
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What kind of house did the Timucua Indians live in?


What languages are spoken by Timucua Indians?

the timucua Indians speak french , English , and spanish .

How did the Timucua Indians live?

The Timucua Indians live in huts for shelter. They hunted for food the things they hunted for is fish, bears, oxes,and birds,they also ate bearies. they used grass for warmth on cold nights.

Where do the timucua Indians live?

to the person with this question. The answer to your question of "Where do the Timucua Indians live?' is that we are a Native American Tribal Nation and Heritage Group that lives in Northern Florida. You may find more information on our tribal nation at our website. Thanks, R.W. De'Eire Executive Tribal Chieftain Republic of Timucua

How did the Timucua Indians travel?

Timucua, north american indian tribe that inhabited the northeast coast of what is now Florida .

What kind of art did the Timucua Indians make?


Did Juan Ponce De Leon find Indians?

He found the Timucua Indians in Florida

What is the transportation of the Timucua?

The Timucua were American Indians who occupied an area of over 19,000 square miles of Southern Georgia and Northern Florida. The two main means of transportation for the Timucua were walking and canoes.

What has the author Jerald T Milanich written?

Jerald T. Milanich has written: 'The Timucua (The Peoples of America)' 'Hernando de Soto and the Indians of Florida' -- subject(s): Indians of North America, First contact with Europeans, Discovery and exploration, Spanish 'Famous Florida Sites' 'The Timucua' -- subject(s): Timucua Indians 'Tacachale'

What did the Timucua Indians eat?

They ate corn bean squash dear and many more.

What are Georgia's Indian tribes?

The Apalachee IndiansThe Cherokee IndiansThe Hitchiti, Oconee and Miccosukee IndiansThe Muskogee Creek IndiansThe Timucua IndiansThe Yamasee and Guale Indians Thats all!!! - Mr.J's 8th grade history class!!! ;)

What were the roles in the Timucua tribe do?

What are the roles of the people in the timucua tribe

What people lived in the very southeastern tip of the United States?

The Timucua people live there

What were some Indian tribes in Florida?

The Timucua Indians were in Florida when the first explorers arrived. The Seminole Indians are still in South Florida. There were the Miami Tribe, the Apalachicola, and the Choctawhatchee, to name a few.

Who were the first natives to live in Florida?

there were four tribes and there names were, Seminole,calusa,timucua and miccosukee

What kind of crafts did the timucua Indians make?

they made different types of things like bows and arrows knives,clubsand many others

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What do Shoshone Indians live in?

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What kind of houses did the timucua live?

They lived in thatched housing and some log structures (mostly reserved for meeting houses)

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