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Townspeople lived in regular homes, with a little bit of furnishing. They probably had small stools and tables.

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How free were the townspeople in the Middle Ages?

towns people of the middle ages were as free as we are today,but had to show there loyalty to the kings.

What rights did townspeople have in medieval Europe?

Townspeople of the middle ages were as free as we are today, but had to show their loyalty to the kings. They also had rules to protect themselves and the town.

What are the 3 Estates during the Middle Ages?

The three estates of the Middle Ages were....... 1. the clergy - (those who prayed) 2. the nobility - (those who fought) 3. the peasants and townspeople - (those who worked)

What food did medieval townspeople eat?

people in the middle ages ate fish, shellfish, meat, vegtibles and stew

Did Middle ages people live with their animals?

well we are middle ages people! so how do we live with our animals?

What period did Giuseppe Verdi live in?

He lived in the middle ages. he lived in the middle ages.

Where do Middle Ages live?

They live in small kingdoms

How did townspeople contribute to the cultural achievements of the late middle ages?

For example: One of their cultural achievements was Gothic art. It is glass windows, statues, ect. Townspeople had to build some of the windows and the artitects built the statues!

Where did the nobles in the middle ages live?

They live in castles of their own.

Where do knights live?

Knights live in the middle ages and they also live in castles.

Did Florence Nightingale live in the Middle Ages?

No, Florence Nightingale lived from 1820 to 1910. The Middle Ages ended about 1453.

Where did the lords live in the Middle Ages?

The lord in the middle ages lived in the back of a castle !

Where did merchants wife's live in the middle ages?


About queen nzinga in the Middle Ages?

Queen Nzinga did not live in the Middle Ages, but a bit later. You can get information about her by using the link below.

How long was the range that people lived in the middle ages?

In the middle ages, the average range that people would live to was about 30-40.

What did the townspeople demand from local lords during Roman Empire?

The townspeople did not demand anything from the local lords during the Roman empire. Although there were powerful local people, there were no local lords. Perhaps you are getting confused with the situation which existed in the Middle Ages.

Nuns live in the middle ages?

Nuns lived in a nunnery.

Did saint nicholas live during the middle ages?

No, Saint Nicholas lived in ancient times, and died about a century before the Middle Ages started.

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