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Where did the tradition of putting up Christmas lights start?

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it was first thought of in the 1500 to put candles on a Christmas tree it was Martin Luther. the second one was edward johanson.

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When did the tradition of putting up Christmas lights start?

Christmas tree traditions originated in Germany in the 1500s. It is believed that Martin Luther started the tradition by putting candles on a pine tree. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, a few years later someone thought of making tiny bulbs to decorate Christmas trees.

Where should you start when putting on Christmas tree lights?

i find it's better to work from top to bottom!

When did people start putting Christmas lights on their houses?

As soon as they can . Usually around October or November , varying on where you are .

What country started the tradition of the Christmas tree?

Country of First Christmas TreeGermany was the first country to start the Christmas tree tradition

How early can you decorate your home with Christmas lights?

You can decorate your home with Christmas lights as early as you want to. It is typically acceptable to start decorating with Christmas lights after Thanksgiving.

What country did the tradition of Christmas cookies start in?


Why did Martin Luther start the Christmas tradition?

Martin Luther (1483 - 1546) did not "start" the Christmas tradition. The "Christmas tradition" dates back to at least the 4th century, though early Christians were celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ long before that.

How did Santa Claus start in Scotland?

The tradition of Christmas spread.

What Christmas tradition did Franklin Roosevelt start?

decorating the whitehouse

When did they start to use electric Christmas lights?


What Christmas decorations that start with Letter L?


Christmas words that start with the letter L?


What time of year do stores start putting out their infant Christmas dresses?

Typically stores wait until after Thanksgiving to start putting out Christmas dresses. However, depending on the store, some will start to put out the Christmas dresses as early as the beginning of November.

Where can I buy Christmas lights?

There are many great online retailers that can help you get a head start on the Christmas season. Christmas lights are available online at and

Why did Germany start the Christmas tree tradition?

they thought it would be festive

What tradition did george v start in 1932?

The Royal Christmas Broadcast.

How do you start a Christmas tradition?

l spend 9 years Christmas every year. l buy some Christmas to give my friend. l must find cheap fashion and delicacy. check out the related link. Hope you can also start a Christmas tradition that belongs to you.

Christmas words that start with l?

Lights, Love, Lollies.

What are some Christmas nouns that start with L?

Lights, logs and lawn figures are Christmas nouns.

What does Christmas trees have to do with Christmas today?

Nothing. The pagan tradition of bringing greenery in to the house was the start of the tree. Our tree tradition actually comes from Germany and was brought to the states by German immigrants.

When did the Christmas tree tradition start?

The Christmas tree tradition started in the 12th century when the tree was hung upside down from the ceiling as a symbol of .Christianity The first decorated tree was at Riga in Lature in 1510.

What Christmas time words start with the letter T?

Tinsel, tree, tradition, tunes, twelfth (12th day of Christmas), turkey, TOYS

When did the tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts start?

The tradition began in ancient Rome, carried over from the Roman festival of Saturnalia when Rome adopted Christianity.

What Christmas words start with L?

love lights lovely living lamp lamb

What happens when you put outdoor Christmas lights indoors?

They get too warm and start to melt.