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The first wallet first originated from France. A man called Patrick Jonaa created a wallet called HEAD. He then decided to make it only black, and in the olden days, there was only 1 wallet shop.

It also then got turned from tires, and clothes, They made the wallets as well as human insides.

Then Patrick Jonaa made them colourful and decided to have lots of different sizes, shot himself and some#body used his body tomake a big pink wallet

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Who was joe wallet?

Joe wallet was the man who invented the wallet in 1962

How can we use 'wallet''in sentence?

I lost my wallet today.

What has the author Taf Wallet written?

Taf Wallet has written: 'Taf Wallet'

What is the sentence of wallet?

"I have left my wallet at home," he lied to his date.I found a wallet on the floor with a large sum of money and handed it in to the police.He needed a new wallet because his old one was tattered.

What is a riddle that has clues that the answer is a wallet?


What is 'wallet' when translated from English to Italian?

"Wallet" in English is portafoglio in Italian.

Grammar question my wallet was stolen or my wallet got stolen?

my wallet got stolen

What are some good new wallet invention names?

the awesome wallet or the coollest wallet on earth

What is a sentence using the word wallet?

The money was no longer in the wallet. He kept all his credit cards in the wallet.

How do you say 'wallet' in Spanish?


What is a game wallet?

it is when u get your wallet kitty kat

What is the use of a wallet size picture?

To keep in your wallet.

How do you use wallet in a sentence?

I used a wallet at the store.

What is naruto's frog wallet called?

0__0 his wallet.

What wallet designs does Juicy Couture have in stock on its website?

Currently on the Juicy Couture website wallet designs and styles that are available for purchase are quilted nylon zip wallet, velour zip wallet - travel charms, travel wallet, Malibu iconic velour zip wallet and the Hansen canvas continental wallet. Most wallets also have the option to be purchased in varying colors.

What is the weight of a empty wallet?

It depends how big your wallet is1

Where is the verb in Did you find your wallet?

The verb is Did find. You did find your wallet.

What is English in nadukot ang wallet ko?

My wallet was snatched.

Where can you print a wallet template for the juice carton wallet?


What is the symbolic meaning of wallet as a gift?

New wallet means new money coming into the person who receives the new wallet.

What does that commercial mean by 'what's in your wallet?

That is an advertising slogan. It means just what it says - what do you have in your wallet? They WANT you to have their credit card in your wallet!

How do you spell wallet?

That is the correct spelling of "wallet" (money and card holder).

How do you know if it is a real gucci wallet?

a serial number will be sewed in the wallet

What is the duration of The Brown Wallet?

The duration of The Brown Wallet is 1.13 hours.

How do you remove Nokia wallet code?

nokia 6600 wallet code

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