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The wise old owl in the famous nursery rhyme 'A Wise Old Owl' lives in an oak tree. Though its origins are vague, it is commonly accepted that the nursery rhyme played on the common symbolic value of the owl as wisdom. Originally, it was told to teach children the virtue of being quiet, or seen and not heard.

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Old woman who lived in a shoe nursery rhyme?

This nursery rhyme is an English language rhyme and there have been many arguments about what the meaning of it is. The earliest printed version of this rhyme is from 1794.

What is a nursery rhyme with the word old in the title?

old MacDonald

What is a Nursery rhyme with the word old?

Old mother hubbard

What is Fridays child full of according to an old saying or nursery rhyme?

According to the nursery rhyme, Friday's child is loving and giving.

Why is there the nursery rhyme about The London Bridge?

Because once there was only one bridge and that was the london bridge and that nursery rhyme is very old

Who is the merry old soul in the nursery rhyme?

Old King Cole

According to a nursery rhyme Old King Cole was a what?

Merry Old Soul

Author of this old man nursery rhyme?

The Nursery Rhyme, "This Old Man," was first published by Anne Gilchrist in 1937. It was around before that as she reported hearing it from her Welsh nurse in the 1870's.

What did Knave of hearts steal?

The tarts, according to the old nursery-rhyme, for no clear reason beyond rhyme!

Has oranges and lemons rhyme been round for time?

Quite a while, it's an old nursery rhyme.

What did mother hubbard keep in her cupboard?

Mother Hubbard is an old nursery rhyme for children. In the nursery rhyme, she goes to the cupboard to get the dog a bone. However, her cupboards were empty.

Is there once was an old lady who swallowed a fly a nursery rhyme?


What is the meaning of The Grand Old Duke of York nursery rhyme?

The meaning of the nursery rhyme The Grand Old Duke of York is unclear. It is clearly written with a certain Duke in mind but the actual identity is not given.

In the nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard which of these pets does Mother Hubbard have?


What is the history of the nursery rhyme This Old Man?

Not published until 1906, the origins are obscure

In the nursery rhyme Pease Porridge Hot how old is the pot of food?

nine days

What nursery rhyme is about violinists give command preformance for king?

Old King Cole

In the nursery rhyme Pease Porridge Hot how old is the pot of food?

9 Days

In the popular nursery rhyme It's Raining It's Pouring what character is snoring?

Old Man

Give you a nursery rhyme with the word old in the title?

old MacDonald, old woman/shoe, old mother hubbard, old king cole

Is the old lady who swallowed a fly a fairy tale?

no, it is better described as a verse tale- or nursery rhyme.

Is it bad luck to be born on a Tuesday?

No, according to the old nursery rhyme, Tuesday's child is full of grace.

What rhymes with cupboard?

hubbard as in old mother hubbards cupboard poem nursery rhymemuttered

What nursery rhyme characters was a large family and lived in a malodorous home?

There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

What is that old limerick about the mice who's heads got chopped off by a carving knife?

Old nursery rhyme, Three Blind Mice.

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