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Blog is short for "web-log" which is an online journal or newsletter that is updated frequently and is posted on a website for people to read.
It can literally be defined as a place on the Internet where you can keep "logs" or updates of your daily happenings.

The term 'Blog' is the evolved term coined by Peter Merholz in 1999.
It's not an acronym,...it's a colloquialism. It comes from the conjoined terms web and log...as in weblog. Then it evolved into simply blog when Peter Merholz coined the term in 1999.
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What is a blog?

A blog is an information or discussion published on website orWorld Wide Web,called as posts. Basically, the blog is referred aseverything thing where you can include others too. It is moreindividual in contrast to article and press release.it just likeyou may talk to your readers. It is also called ( Full Answer )

Are blogs and blogging safe?

Yes. Yes, if you share your thoughts, ideas, poems, pictures and justgenerally have fun. To begin blogging, you firstly need to create a safe site that maynot harm yourself or your audience. To build a site easily, you canbuild a WordPress site, for there are many free and premium themes,say in http ( Full Answer )

Who invented the word blog?

Answer The word blog came from "weblog", which means an updated log on the web. It was first used by a guy called Peter Merholz in 1999 on his own blog.

How do you blog?

You can create a blog using websites such as Blogspot.com (my personal favourite), myownjournal.com or livejournal.com. Many people blog about life, experiences, photography and may review things they come across. You pick it up as you go along and on the website you might sign up to, it should gu ( Full Answer )

How do you create a blog?

Firstly, decide on a topic that you'd like your blog to be about.It could be a personal blog or a topic focused blog. Then you'll need to choose a blogging platform. If you're new toblogging I suggest using one of the free blogging sites availablelike the ones listed in the related links below. It ( Full Answer )

What is blogging?

A blog is simply an online journal that is frequently updated likean online diary but generally for public view. A blog usuallyreflects the personality of the author or the website itrepresents.

How do you get a blog?

If you want to get a wordpress blog, create an account at wordpress.com. Make a blog when you sign up (it's on the signup form) and then you're off! Go to your blog dashboard to edit your pages!

Is a blog long?

A blog aggregates many posts. Each post can be as long as you like. Web writing techniques recommend that you write short article, easy to skim and such because people don't like reading long sections off the computer screen.

What can you do on a blog?

Its up to you what do you want to add in your blog. It depends uponyour requirement. There are some options available to add pictures,videos, infographics, anchor text links etc. Also you can comment on the post that is written. If you arewriting a blog you can share it to social media sites direct ( Full Answer )

What is the Spanish word for 'blog'?

Since blog is a pretty new word, there is none in Spanish (yet). You can use blog and people would understand, however.

Where do you blog?

You can use any of the free blogging platforms available on the web or host your own blog (e.g. Wordpress). There are so many website like blogger.com Or go to shareapicpic.blogspot.com

How do you put a blog skin to a blog?

choose a skin somewhere...i suggest www.blogskins.com then go into 'Template' and 'Edit HTML code' (or something like that) and you might need to scroll down and click on 'Revert to Classic Template' then paste your skin's HTML code. http://www.mkhurramsaeed.blogspot.com

Is the word 'blog' an example of language change?

The term "blog" was initially an abbreviated form of the contraction "weblog". For intensive purposes, today "blog" is a word of it's own. People generally recognize it. Therefore, it could be used as an example of progressive language change over time.

Where are blogs used?

Blogs are used in everyday life, people find a differentinformations on solving problems, like health care blogs, sportblogs. Travel blogs for example, are great inspirations foreveryone who want to start travel.

Is answer a blog?

No, answer is not a blog. Blog is a webpage that is usually administered by one person who uses it to presenth his/her opinions or views.

How do blog readers read blogs?

What I do is use Pinger sites, like pingomatic.com where you can "ping" your blog into search engines which should (in my experiences, it has!) increase your readership! Also, if you have a youtube channel, you can make a link on your channel homepage to your blog (where I have got some of my read ( Full Answer )

Most popular key words for profit blog?

Google and many other sites offer keyword research tools.When youput your desired words you see how often the words been searched bypeople frequenting internet,so based on that you can get yourdesired words.Popular words for profit blog would be- earnmoney,earn online etc

What kinds of blogs are there?

Blogs types and topics range from celebrity news blogs, like PerezHilton.com, to personal blogs, like many of those found on LiveJournal.com and similar sites. Blogs really are just simple, journal-style websites that discuss whatever topic the author chooses. They are normally arranged according to ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of blogging?

People blog for different reasons: to generally express individual feelings and ideas; to get voices out their head. They can share their skills with the public, possibly even making extra income. People also blog to cure boredom, however at the same time, they are testing and improving writing skil ( Full Answer )

What do Blogs have the potential to?

Blogs have the potential to do as much as the spoken word if not more.Due to the exponential rise in internet use, blogs are now making it into countries and regions where your spoken voice may or may not be able to reach. There are various sites and such that not only support blogs but allow them t ( Full Answer )

How do you blog successfully?

Write interesting articles daily. Don't write to often or too far apart. Try to keep a steady writing process going. Ping search engines often, but not too much. Include pictures in your posts. Add links to other articles in each post so that people will continue to read browse through your blog. Th ( Full Answer )

Who has control of blog?

You, as its owner and of course, if you use some free platform like Wordpress.com, then also owner of this platform.

Is blogging illegal?

Blogging itself is not illegal. But in some countries things that you blog about might be.

What is a blog header?

Blog header is a piece of blog usually located on the top of the page. It contains static information, preferably the name of the blog, URL and navigation panel. If you look on the top of this page, the header contains "Answers.com" logo.

What is a wine blog?

A wine blog is a blog that publishes content only relating to wine or the wine industry. It can have photos, video, product reviews and more.

What is a blog short for?

"Blog" is short for web log (a log of your thoughts, opinions, pictures, etc. on the web).

What is photo blogging?

That is bassically like normal blogging but you use pictures more than words. e.g. tumblr.com is a website for photo bloggers! :) hope i helped. please follow me on my blog: coke-addicted-js.blogspot.com :) thankiess x

When did Roblox's first blog come out?

The official Roblox blog's first post was December 8th 2006. It was Roblox's first and only official blog. The first posts were only about the development of Roblox, and posts about other things did not start to appear until later.

Where to make a blog?

There are lots of blogging sites in the internet. You can go to blogspot.com, wordpress.com, tumblr.com and many more. Just study how to make a blog.

What can you blog about?

You can blog about anything that you want to share with all those that surfs the internet. Usually people choose to blog on a subject they are an expert at, like if you are great in scrapbook making, you can make a scrapbook-making blog and share your tips, techniques and challenges as a scrapbooker ( Full Answer )

What is a blog or a web blog?

Here are some definition of "blog"/"web blog" "From "Web log." A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger". "Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with littl ( Full Answer )

What is blog and how to write blog and how to resister it?

WHAT IS "BLOG"? "From "Web log." A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger". "Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background t ( Full Answer )

How reduce or minimize sidebar in word press blog?

Some themes how themes options > go to sidebar option > then click your width > update and done! Alot of themes, however, do NOT have this option. But I'm sure you could find Some CSS code to do the job

Where did blogging come from?

Blogging came from two words which were combined. Originally peoplehad web logs and eventually out of frequent use weblog-blog cameabout.

What are blogs about?

Blogs are basically small-sized websites that are store houses of information. It can be of any topic, any style or any language. They reflect the views of a particular person on a topic that is of interest to that person.

How does blog virus effect a blog?

Virus First of all you have to learn that what is a virus . Acomputer virus is a program which can be load in your computer ,blog or server . In that condition your blog runs against yourwishes .Your blog or your computer is controlled by the virus code.Viruses can also replicate themselves . Wh ( Full Answer )

What can blogs be?

To be honest, they can be about anything you want them to be. They don't have to be about a specific topic. They could be about your everyday life, or if you have a hobby you can write about that.

How can you get a blog?

Getting a blog is a very simple process. . Decide on the purpose of your blog - It may center around a specific topic or about everything under the sun. It may be for a business/brand/organization . Choose the blogging platform that will help you fulfill your requirements - You can choose from ( Full Answer )

Do dog with a blog say bad words?

No, Dog with a Blog never says bad words. It is on Disney Channel which has no show that say bad words. It is completely safe for kids.

What sort of home based business ideas have blogs come up with?

There are a wide variety of home based business ideas that blogs have come up with. Many blogs suggest simple things such as helping others. Blogs have also mentioned inventing new things and trying to bid or sell them. Another idea would be to offer to advertise for other people, whether it's onlin ( Full Answer )