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Where did the word pickle come from?


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English got the word pickle from Middle Low German pekel, which means "sharp in taste". Words like pikeand picket also derive from the same source as pickle. That source, an Indo-European root, is (s)peik- "sharp point". The metaphorical sharpness in pickles is, of course, their vinegary taste. The word entered English in the 14th century. And their Freakin delicious!!! =)


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From the Middle Low German word, 'pekel' which denoted a spicy sauce.

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The word "pickle" originated in the Netherlands. It was a Middle Dutch word used in the mid-15th century. Please see the related link below.

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Pickle, as in an edible product, is of uncertain origin. There is an old 13th Century Dutch word 'pekel' which refers to the preservation of foods in brine. There is a German word, 'pokel' which refers to a sauce served with meat. There is also an old English word 'pikkyll or pekyll' which may refer to the need to keep foods 'stored' over the winter period

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