Where did the word pickle come from?

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English got the word pickle from Middle Low German pekel, which means "sharp in taste". Words like pike and picket also derive from the same source as pickle. That source, an Indo-European root, is (s)peik- "sharp point". The metaphorical sharpness in pickles is, of course, their vinegary taste. The word entered English in the 14th century. And their Freakin delicious!!! =)
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How do you pickle cabinets?

You throw pickles at the cabinet, resulting in the pickle brine rubbing off on the wood of the cabinet. Wait 3 weeks, and then it is ready to eat.

What are pickles?

Pickles are cucumbers that have been pickled in vinegar, brine orany other solution. A pickle is a cucumber soaked in vinegar. Other vegetables can alsobe pickled, notably onions and olives.

What is a pickle before it's a pickle?

A pickle is actually a cucumber before it is a pickle. It is salted and put in with vinegar and garlic and stored for at least 2-3 weeks vacuum sealed. Also a color is added into it to give it that greenish yellow color.

What is pickling?

pickling is the process in which you put any food inside an air sealed jar with water inside and then you let it sit over night for it to be pickled.

Where do pickles come from?

Pickles are actually cucumbers that are fermented in vinagar or brine to preserve them. That is where they get their sour taste. It is not known specifically where the pickling process comes from, however the earliest known use of the term originates from somewhere in central Europe circa 1440 A.D.

Is a pickle a vegatable?

A Pickle is something that you do not grow; it is a cucumber, just pickled. A cucumber is technically a fruit. The reason they are considered fruits, just like tomatoes, is because unlike vegetables, they have seeds on the inside. This makes them qualified to be a fruit, not a vegetable. ( Full Answer )

What is pickled fruit?

Pickled fruit is fruit that has been put in a vinegar solution fora period of time. Pickling is a form of preserving foods.

How is a pickle kosher?

Kosher foods are those that do not violate Jewish dietary law. The law is complicated, and not all authorities agree on exactly what is kosher and what isn't. A kosher food will generally have on it somewhere a trademarked symbol belonging to a rabbinical supervising organization. This means the pro ( Full Answer )

Why are pickles called pickles?

Pickle commonly refers to a cucumber that has fermented in brine or vinegar for a period of time. (Many foods are able to be pickled, but cucumber is the most common use of the word Pickle) The process itself is called "Pickling" and has roots in a German word pökel, which was a type of sauce n ( Full Answer )

Where are pickles?

In jars. You can't grow them, you make them. They're cucumbers that were put in a mixture mostly of vinegar.

What part of the plant does the pickle come from?

pickles are small cucombers that are picked befor they mature then are soaked in differant types of brine for certain amounts of time then sold in large cities by a pickle monger or in good German delicatessans . large quanties are sold to food corporations who age them in their own secretive way

Why is there pickles?

Well they are yummy for the tummy, that's why =D More information: Pickling was developed as a way of preserving food before refrigeration was widely available. We continue to make pickles because we enjoy eating them.

Is pickle weasel a word?

Pickle is a word and weasel is a word. There is no such animal as a pickle weasel. However, the fictional word was used on the popular television show "That 70's Show"

Why is a pickle called a pickle and not a pickled cucumber?

Its easier to say pickle than pickled cucumbers. Also when we are talking about pickles we don't specify between "bread and butter" pickles and "dill" pickles. It's just word economy. Pickling is the process of preserving food in brine. You can have pickled okra, peppers, olives, herring, cabba ( Full Answer )

What word rhymes with pickle and ends in al?

Abapical (of or pertaining to something at its lowest point).. See the Related link below for words that end with -al and also for words ending with -ical.

What can be pickled?

Anything that can absorb the vinegar or the brine used to pickle. I.e a cucumber in brine, eggs in vinegar.

Why are you a pickle?

Why are you a pickle? Gosh! Why do u people put such dumb questions on here that you know people can't answer!

Why do sandwiches come with pickles?

It is unknown why sandwiches are served with pickles. Some say that they are a good combination. Others say that they are clueless. It's just a matter of opinion.

What ingredients are in pickles?

You didn't specify dill, sweet, bread & butter, etc., but I'll answer for dill pickles, the most popular type of pickle, and probably the one you meant. Besides cucumbers (the main ingredient) all dill pickles have water, vinegar and salt as primary brine ingredients, as well as some form and com ( Full Answer )

Why do pickles rule?

I think pickles rule because they have such a distintive taste that you dont get very often, and a good crunch if you get the right kind.

Why do pickles have pickle juice?

They have pickle juice because they are just small cucumbers but they put them in juice for a long time and it makes pickles.

Are pickles aggressive?

yeah they are why do you think they crunch when you bite them. When they crunch they are saying bad words in pickle language, but to Americans it is a crunch. Pickles also crunch for many other reason. 1. they do not want to be eaten. 2. they don't want to be in the cucumber family.

How do you you eat pickles?

You eat them as you would anything else, you put them into your mouth and chew them well. so put it in the mouth and start chewing. its not that hard.

What are ingredients of pickle?

Basic Pickle Ingredients 1) Vinegar : Rice vinegar, Black Vinegar, Apple Cider VInegar, ascetic acid 2) Herbs : Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Dil 3) Spices : Mustard Seed, Turmeric, Chilli Powder, Cinnamon, Star Aniseed 4) Vegetable Oil : Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil 5) Table salt, ( Full Answer )

Which Shakespeare play does 'in a pickle' come from?

Shakespeare does not use those exact words, but here are some similar uses. Thou shalt be whipp'd with wire, and stew'd in brine, Smarting in lingering pickle. (Antony and Cleopatra, II, 5) How camest thou in this pickle? (The Tempest, V, 1) I have been in such a pickle since I saw you last ( Full Answer )

What foods can you pickle?

A very general definition for "pickle", is to preserve a food using a solution of water that contains salt or vinegar or both. Additional seasoning is common, but not necessary. By this very broad definition, you can pickle almost any food. Whether it will taste good after pickling, is another qu ( Full Answer )

Can a pickle dance?

A pickle can dance if you have a fundraiser and restore your electrical service to 3000 amps. You will create life from a pickle. But you won't succeed today. Give it a few decades and you might.

How do you eat pickle?

you put it in your hand and bite it and chew and swallow it and finish it easy as that (it=pickle)

Does pickles have a gender?

If you are referring to pickles the dog famous for finding the Jules Rimet trophy in 1966, he was a male.

Does pickles come from a pig?

Various foods can be made into pickles. The most common pickles are made from cucumbers. Pig feet are sometimes pickled, as are asparagus and melon rinds.

Is a dill pickle a sour pickle?

Yes, dill pickles are the pickles that taste like vinegar. Dill is an herb that is soaked with the pickle.

Does pickles have sugar in them?

It depends on the brand and the type of pickles. Most pickles do contain sugar, but very little just to help preserve the pickles.

Where do pickled pig lips come from?

Pickled pig lips are exactly what they sound like. They are thelips of pigs soaked in a solution called brine. In most cases, thebrine is mostly made from vinegar.

How do you pickle a vegetable?

For detailed instructions on canning and pickling and recipes refer to the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP) website, it is an excellent source for current research-based recommendations for most methods of home food preservation.

Can you pickle a pickle?

Surprisingly yes you can pickle a pickle but when you do that the pickle doesn't taste very good anymore.

Why do pickles have seeds?

So that they can reproduce. All fruits and vegetables have a seed of some kind.

What is a pickled egg?

It is a hard boiled egg that has had the shell peeled off put into some vinigar and left to pickle!! yummy hey!! :P

Are pickles saltey?

yes they are you use salt and vinager to make them. with a cucumber of coarse

Why are pickles crunchy?

Because cucumbers are. Also, probably because they soak up some of the juice they're in.

What happens if you pickle a pickle?

You know what a pickle is right? It's like a cucumber but tastes more sour. So, if you PICKLE it again, it get double the sourness and mushy. Perfect for gross experiments!

Did Shakespeare invent the word pickle?

No, but he uses it. When Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night has digestive problems, he says "A plague o' these pickled herring!" I don't think pickled herring was his problem.

Where did the origin of I'm in a pretty pickle come from?

it came from the 1850's when a counrty girl was in a disaster after losing the ones she loved. she was eating a pickle just then when she was in the diaster. so she said i'm in a pretty pickle today, and she ment she was in trouble. she chose the word pretty beacuse it was the oposite of here disate ( Full Answer )

Why is the German pickle tradion a pickle?

The pickle tradition is that the parents hide the pickle on the Christmas tree after the family decorates it. Then, the first child to find the pickle receives an extra present or a special treat. Oddly enough when research was done to discover the origin of this tradition in Germany, most all Germa ( Full Answer )