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Where did the words holy bible come from?


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August 02, 2012 2:39PM

The words came from God.

This is incorrect: The words didn't come from a god. English is a modern language, and as such, is man-made. Now the word origins come from other ancient sources such as Latin and Greek. These languages are also not the oldest languages and thus, the words, 'Holy Bible' doesn't appear any where in the many versions of the Bible we have today.

"Holy" has ancient origins predating Old English and is related to words dealing with Light, such as Helios. Helios, references the sun in Greek. Bible is from Biblia which is Latin for book. Essentially, it's a Sun book. Holy is believed a sacred word which makes sense as the Sun was considered a very sacred object to be revered.

It can also be called, The Book of Light. Antagonists against this etymological origin fail to grasp how words and concepts are borrowed from older times. We can't start at Old English and claim that there is no relationship between Helios and Holy. Halo, is also etymologically linked to Helios, The Sun.