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wasps came from Europe

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Do wasps collect their dead?

Wasps do not collect other dead wasps. However, if a wasp is injured, it will emit a special pheromone that will warn other wasps that there is danger nearby. Sometimes other wasps will come to see what that danger might be.

Do wasps come back to the hive?

Yes they do Yes they do

When do wasps start to come out of hibernation?

Queen wasps usually emerge from their hibernation around mid April. See related link:

Do more wasps come when killing a wasp?

Sort of. If wasps feel threatened they sting. The sting releases pheromones into the air, a chemical signal to other wasps that it is being attacked. If other wasps are in the area, or if you are near the nest, they may also attack you.

Do wasps come back to the same nest next spring?


Where did fire ants come from?

From wasps; at least most scientists believe.

Where did the name wasps come from originally?

Ye Olde English, it seems.

What kind of wasps come out at night and are aggressive to lights?

It may be European Hornets

What are bees ants and wasps called?

Insects. They come under the group of Arthropods

Can wasps come BACK to life after being frozen?

No frozen things are dead and they don't come back to life.

Do wasps turn into another insect?

No. Wasps are simply wasps.

What are the different kinds of wasps?

There are nearly 300 types of wasps worldwide. The most common of these include: * Fig wasps - agaonidae * Cuckoo wasps - Chrysididae * Sand wasps (Cicada killer wasp) - Crabronidae * Gall wasps - Cynipidae * Velvet ants - (mutillidae * Fairyflies - Mymaridae * Spider wasps - Pompilidae * Digger wasps - Sphecidae * Flower wasps - Tiphiidae * Honets - Vaspidae * Paper wasps * Pollen wasps * Yellowjackets

What are Red Wasps?

Red wasps are wasps that are red and they will sting you in the balls.

Types of wasps?

There are many types of wasps (over 100,000 species), but they usually fall into one of the two categories - solitary or social. Solitary wasps - mud daubers, pollen wasps, potter wasps. Social wasps - polistine paper wasps.

What are some of the superstitions about wasps?

There are many superstitions about wasps. It is believed that if wasps build their hive low it is an indication of a hard winter with lots of storms and if they build high it will be a mild winter. It is also believed that if you are stung by a wasp this is a sign of bad luck to come.

Do owls eat wasps?

Yes, owls do eat wasps, but wasps can sting you.

Do wasps eat other wasps?


If you destroy a wasps nest will the wasps survive?

Yes, if you destroy just the nest of the wasps they will survive. You will have to spray chemicals to kill the wasps.

Can wasps be male and female?

There are male wasps (drones) and female wasps (queen and workers).

Do rats eat wasps?

Rats are known to eat bees, but not wasps. Dragonflies and spiders are predators of the wasps. Wasps do not have very many predators.

How do you keep wasps away from your pool?

spray bug spray around the edge of the pool. an inflated brown paper bag looks similar to a wasps nest any other wasps will not invade another wasps nest and will stay away buy a tall can from the corner and keep the bag in the pool, have some friends come over and do the same - have fun, be chill, the wasps will leave your pool alone when they see that you're being chill

When do wasps come back to the nest?

Nightime you will have the most in the nest which is the best time to zap 'em.

Are wasps decomposers?

Wasps are not decomposers. They are consumers.

What is spheksophobia?

fear of wasps fear of wasps

Are wasps nocturnal or diurnal?

Wasps are diurnal.

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