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Where did word dame come from?

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Dame - lady, madam is derived from the Latin word, domina (which means: lady or mistress of the house)

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Where did the word melba toast come from?

Dame Nellie Melba :)

What is the English word for the German word damen?

Damen = Plural of "Dame" Dame = Lady Damen = Ladies

Word for Notre Dame in Irish?

The university is "Ollscoil Notre Dame"

What does dame means?

The word dame means a lady. It's a funny eh!

What does dame augua mean?

Dame agua (no such word as augua) Give me water

What is the German word for Lady?


What was a slang word for women in the 1940s?

A Dame

What is the Dutch word for lady?

according to Google translate the word is dame

What country does dame kelly Holmes come from?


4 letter word for an old fashioned word for woman?

The old fashioned word is a dame.

Is dame a bad word?

No, it means lady or woman.

What is a word for woman beginning with d?

duchess dame

What is the German word for young lady?

Junge Dame

What word in French means our lady?

Notre Dame

What is dame joan sutherland's nickname and how did it come about?

La Stupenda

What is the Afrikaans word for beautiful lady?

Mooi dame Of beeldskone dame of beeldskone/mooi vrou of meisie(jonger vrou)

Word for female in Norwegian?

"Kvinne", alternately "dame". Some also use the word for girl, "jente". I´m female - Jeg er en kvinne/dame/jente.

What is the plural of the French word for lady?

The French word for lady is dame, the plural of which is dames.

What is the word in french for lady?

A lady is 'une dame' in French.

How do you use the word gams in a sentence?

The gams on that dame are priceless.

What is the unscramble word for eamd?

The anagrams are dame, made and mead.

What is 4 letter word for old fashioned showdown?


French word for lady?

The french word for lady is dame, pronounced like arm with a d in front.

How did people come up with the name the Notre Dame?

notre dame comes from the french words of "our lady" referring to Mother Mary. After all it is a Catholic school.

Whats a french word for lady?

A french word for lady is "dame". It is pronounced like the second syllable of madame.

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