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Arachnids are animals like Spiders,ticks and different types of crabs so they live mostly on land since spider and ticks cant breath under water

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How long do arachnids live?

In most cases, arachnids will live for approximately 3 months. There are many different species of arachnids, one of which is a spider.

Where does arachnids live?

they live in water...

Do most arachnids live on land or in the sea?

All Arachnids are air-breathers. Some have adapted to survive underwater temporarily by using air bubbles. However all arachnids 'live' on land.

Are arachnids animals?

no there arachnids not animals or insects or sponges that live under the sea in a pineapple lol

Arachnids live on how many continents?


Do most arachnids live on land?

Yes, all arachnids live on land. Some, however have developed a way to live temporarily under water using air bubbles.

Characteristics of arachnids?

They have 4 pairs of legs They have no jaws They mostly live on land but some can live in water. arachnids include - Scorpians, mites, ticks and spiders.

How do most arachnids consume food?

too live!

Do arachnid more live on land or sea?

Most arachnids live on land.

What animals live in the hawaiian rainforest?

Arachnids and many unusual animals

Do most arachnids live on land or in a sea?

mostly on land but a few in the sea

Are spiders arachnids or felines?


What are Arachnids locomotion?

what are arachnids locomotions??

How do you spell arachnids?

arachnids is correct.

How do arachnids adapt to their environment?

Arachnids - ( spiders, scorpions, ticks, mite) respiration by tracheae, book lungs in addition they live on land since they do not have gills to breathe under water.

Do arachnids have antenae?

No, arachnids do not have any antennas. Animals such as spiders, or scorpions are considered to be an arachnids.

Are there any arachnids in the temperate forest?

No there is not in the arachnids in the temperature forest arachnids like the dark.

Are millipedes arachnids?

No. Only spiders are arachnids.

Does arachnids has spine?

Arachnids are Invertebrates. = no spine.

Are spiders arachnids?

yes spiders are Arachnids

How are spiders different from arachnids?

There is no difference between arachnids and spiders because spiders are arachnids.

Do arachnids have eight eyes?

All arachnids have eight legs. But not all arachnids have eight eyes. I think.

Do arachnid live only on land?

No, they also live in the ocean or near by. A horse shoe crab is one of the closely related to arachnids.

What environment do Arachnids live in?

usually in fresh water or marine enviroments: damp, moist areas

What arachnids live in humans?

wanted to know the same thing. hope someone answers soon...