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they live in tide pools

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How long do cormorants live?

. Cormorants on average live around 6 years, but can live much longer if in the correct environment.

Where do cormo cormorants live?

they live in lakes.

Do cormorants live in Antarctica?

No. It's too cold for them there.

What is the collective noun for cormorants?

The collective nouns for cormorants are:a flight of cormorantsa gulp of cormorants

Where cormorants live?

Great cormorants eat mostly small fish, but they occasionally catch other water creatures such as crayfish, squid, frogs, salamanders, snakes, and insects. They catch most of their prey underwater.

How many years do double-crested cormorants live?

About 15 years. Sorry if I'm wrong!

How do cormorants get there food?

Cormorants are a type of sea bird. They are most flightless, or can only fly short distance, and live near coasts. They fish in the shallow coastal waters. They may also eat small mollusks or crabs.

What other animals live near the Atlantic Puffin?

Other animals that live near the altantic puffin are gray seals, razorbills, black guillemots, great black-backed gull, herring gull, black-legged kittiwakes, great cormorants, double-crested cormorants and bald eagles.

Do Cormorants migrate?


How tall are cormorants?

About 267cm

What is the antonym for cormorants?


What are the cormorants enemies?

Adult cormorants risk predation by sharks and orcas. Gulls and skuas will often eat chicks.

Can you eat cormorants?

You can in fact eat cormorants. They are good for pate and in casseroles and have been known to taste like fish.

How many Flightless Cormorants are there?


What is the cormorants main enemy?


What part of speech is cormorants?


What is collective noun for cormorants?


Do cormorants eat worms?

yes they do

What do cormorants need for shelter?


What do cormorants?

Coromorants eat fish, eels, and water snakes. Some cormorants can dive to depths of up to 45 feet when fishing.

What fish eating birds live in New York?

Herons, egrets, cormorants, anhingas, ducks, seagulls, terns, loons, and many others.

Do cormorants eat crabs?

yes punk

What are facts about flightless cormorants?

they cant fly

What animals live in Venice Italy?

The Top Ten Animals That Live In VenicePigeons, CormorantsLions ,RhinocerosesCats, ElephantsRatsHorsesDogsSeagulls Made By Mystery girl347

Are cormorants endanger?

Pygmy Cormerant birds are endangered.

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