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Where do French teenagers eat lunch?


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French teenagers eat lunch in the school canteen, or at home if they have time to get there (or when not at school).


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The phrase "after we eat lunch" directly translated to French is "après nous déjeunons"

French people eat healthy and they also eat a lot. For lunch they might have fish or chicken. For dessert they eat salads and fruits and much more. French people love to drink wine when they eat lunch. For the french people lunch is their biggest meal of the day but we say it is dinner.

the french have vegatables, then meat and salad then cheese then their dessert.they eat french food

12.00 to 13.30 will be lunch19.00 to 21.00 will be dinner

Yes, they could do, but the french mostly have them for breakfast.

Most French families eat their dinner together (and their breakfast, and their lunch) sitting at the kitchen table.

Dear americans, Bonjour! we eat 5 meals per day breakfast , per lunch , lunch snack, dinner merci (thank you in french)

It is quite common, but not mandatory to have lunch at school. Nearly all schools in France offer the possibility to eat at a canteen.

What do we eat for lunch

'lunch' in french is 'déjeuner'

yes, but lunch is the most important meal of the day

They're French, for heaven's sake; they eat lunch. At home if it's near enough, or in the cantine scolaire, where they serve a three-course meal.

they have; it is also permitted to leave school to have lunch at home if you are living next to the school. I go to a all French school & we have to eat a school but we are allowed to go home to eat but only if our parents come to get us

They eat whatever they feel like. They might enjoy a good bowl of Captain Crunch.

dont you mean when not where and the same time we all do

The French eat salads, pizza, pasta, soups. Dinner is usualy lighter than lunch, but nonetheless a real meal.

Usually nothing. French people eat lunch from 12 till 2, then dinner between 630 and 930.

as-tu pris ton petit déjeuner ? est-ce que tu as déjà déjeuné ? are French equivalents for 'did you eat your lunch yet?'

What percent of teens do not eat lunch? It usually depends on what age they are. Mostly all 6th graders will eat lunch. About 1/3 7th graders only get a small snack, and about 50 seventh graders per school don't eat anything at all. It is the same for 8th graders. Since about half of the teenagers don't eat breakfast either, it is very important that they know that it's good for them to eat lunch, and maybe let them have a snack when they get home.

Pack lunch in French is: panier repas

French kids usually go to the canteen (or home) somewhere between 12:00 and 13:30. The lunch break is at least an hour long.

they eat not alot at breakfast and at lunch they eat seven different coarses but at dinner they dont eat much again

"je prends mon petit déjeuner"

"Je mange des pâtes pour déjeuner."

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