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You can find them in vancoover to the south.

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What is a golden retriever's habitat?

golden retrievers live in a house

What habitat does the golden retriever live in?

a warm home

How is an golden eagel adaped to live in that habitat?

rain forest

Why are egales endangered?

Why are egales endangered

What is the golden frogs habitat like?

live in the wild and blend in to stuff.

What habitat does the golden eagle live in?

They live in the higher parts of the mountains, also high up in treetops.

Why are golden lion tamarins going extinct?

The main threat to the golden lion tamarind is loss of habitat as people destroy the forests where they live.

Is the golden jackal from the Mediterranean?

he is from the chaparral, which is a mediterranean forest decimated by humans. But he can live in different habitat.

What is the temperature of a golden eagles habitat?

They usually live in Continental climate to desert, depends on the species your refering to.

Is the golden lion tamarin's habitat being destroyed?

golden lion tamrins habitat is being destroyed and there is now only 2-3% of their habitat left

What habitat are golden snub-nosed monkeys?

they live in southern central china in deciduous and coniferous forests.

Who are snake's enemies?


What is a Description for a Golden eagles habitat?


Does owls live in aquatic habitat or land habitat?

Owls live in a land habitat.

Why does a lion live in a habitat?

Everything lives in a habitat. A habitat is another word for the homeland in which a species live, for example your habitat is your house and the area you live in.

What is the habitat of a golden eagle?

mountins and plains:)

Habitat of the Golden Lion Tamarin?

its in the rainforest

What is a golden lion tamarin's habitat?


Where is the golden tabby tigers habitat?

In captivity

What is the golden eagles habitat?

The golden eagle is normally found on the plains, or in mountain habitats.

What is a Golden Retrievers habatit?

i need a length of a golden retriever and there is really no habitat of a golden cause its mostly a house pet

Why do hyenas live in their habitat that they live in?

As with all wild animals they live in the habitat to which they are best suited.

Where do golden monkeys live and how?

where do golden monkeys live and how

Golden lion tamarin habitat?

coastal rainforest

What is the golden silk spiders habitat?

north america

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