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Some excellent websites with information on good diet and weight loss programs include: eDiets.com, JillianMicheals.com, ZoneDiet.com and WeightWatchers.com.

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Where can I find information on lawsuits against the "lose weight fast!" diets?

A lot of the lose weight fast diets are scams. To lose weight you will need to change the foods you eat, and get lots of water and exercise. www.webmd.com/diet

Where can I find information on diets to lose weight?

WebMD provides a good and comprehensive information on losing weight. Other information sources can be found on the net like "The Lose Weight Diet" and "Free Dieting".

What are some really good diets to lose weight?

Diets with food types that do not absorb water within the body are the best. Breads and starchy food are good to avoid if you would like to lose weight at a speedy pace.

What are diets to lose weight?

You can check out sites from Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Webmd, and even Good Housekeeping. They all offer valuable information on weight loss diets.

Where can I find out more about diets to lose weight?

http://www.webmd.com/diet/default.htm Websites like WebMD and MayoClinic are good resources to visit if you want to learn more about nutrition and diets.

What diets will help me to lose weight fast?

Diets seem to work best at a slow rate, crash diets may make you lose weight quickly, but are not a healthy choice. You can consult your doctor for a recommended diet or join something like Weight Watchers which has a good following.

What are some good diets to lose weight?

There are many many many websites to help you lose weight. Besides expensive programs such as weight watchers or jenny craig, you can find meal plans online at places such as freediet.com or sparkpeople.com.

Where can I find diets to help lose weight?

Diets in Review.com is a site devoted specifically to men and women reviewing different diets that all claim to do the same thing: help you lose weight. You can read how each one worked for different, real individuals.

Where can I find more information on diets plan?

Diets plan is one of many good plans to use if you are looking to lose weight. I suggest, when looking for good information, to go on the Diet's plan web page to find every thing you're looking for.

What are some good weight loss diets?

I have heard that a lot of people use the South Beach diet, and the Atkins diets to lose weight quickly. You can check these out at www.atkins.com and www.southbeach.com.

Is there a diet to lose weight?

There are many diets if you are looking to lose weight. Atkins, jenny Craig, weight watchers, south beach. all have diets to lower your calorie intake.

Where can I find rapid weight loss diets?

Rapid weight loss diet plan.com has some good advice and menus for people that want to lose weight. Exercise is also required for rapid weight loss to be productive.

What are some diets I can go on to lose weight fast?

There are no fast, healthy weight loss diets. They can harm your body and you will have damage. Consult your doctor and they can help make you a good diet plan.

Which foods are used to lose weight?

People often follow high protein diets to lose weight. These diets include foods such as chicken and fish. These foods make people feel fuller and help them to lose weight.

Why are fad diets bad for you?

Fad diets are bad for you because they often dehydrate you and they strain the heart,liver and kidneys. Yes you can lose weight on the fad diets but the weight usually comes back quickly and they are not a good balance of nutrition.

What are some diets I can use to lose weight quickly?

You can lose weight fast and get good diet tips and good recipes at spark people.com, my fitness pal.com, weight watchers and just simply changing your eating and exercise habits.

What are some good diets to lose fat?

Here is one of the diets you can do to lose weight http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2007/04/06/how-to-lose-20-lbs-of-fat-in-30-days-without-doing-any-exercise/

Do Diets for Weight Loss Work?

There are diets online that can help you lose weight and keep it off. Weight Watchers, which is effective, now has Weight Watchers online.

What is a good weight lose program?

Well there is this great new diet that should help you lose weight quickly.It is called the hcg weight loss diet.I heard that it worked the best out of all diets.

What are some of the best diets that can help you lose weight?

Some of the best diets to help you lose weight are the ones that are sustainable lifestyle changes. A crash diet of liquids might lose the weight, but you'll gain it right back after you stop.

Does vegetarianism help you lose weight?

Well-planned Vegetarian or Vegan diets have proven to help lose weight.

Where online can I find information about how to lose weight quick?

There are several websites where you can go to find information about losing weight quickly. Two of these websites--which include exercise plans and diets recipes--are http://www.changingshape.com/resources/articles/lose-weight-fast.asp and www.fitnesstipsforlife.com/101-tips-to-lose-weight-quickly.htm.

What type of diets can someone take to lose weight fast?

Popular diets to lose weight include the Atkins diet and the Weight Watchers programs. Diets have varying success rates as people tend to rubber band to eating more than before and gaining net weight.

Do you know if Weight Watchers have any diets that is specifically designed to lose weight fast?

Weight Watchers is not a lose-weight-quick diet. Rather, this program focuses on lifestyle changes that are sustainable and lead to losing weight and keeping it off for good. That said, many participants find that they lose 3-4 or even 5 pounds in the first few weeks of this program.

Where can i find more information diets to lose weight?

fourhourworkweek.com webmd.com both have information to lose weight, barnes and noble also has book son dieting and furthermore, you can ask your physician or doctor.

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