Where do Pokemon GO when they migrate from Sapphire to SoulSilver?

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When Pokémon are migrated (also known as Pal Park'd) from any Gen 3 game to a Gen 4 game, they are stocked at the Pal Park. In SoulSilver, the Pal Park is located in Fuchsia City in the Kanto Region.

The two generations of Pokémon games migrating Pokémon to and from one another must be the same language, for example an English Ruby cannot migrate to a Japanese HeartGold.

After Pokémon have been imported from the GBA game in the bottom slot of the DS through the main menu of the Generation IV game, they may be captured in Pal Park through an event known as a Catching Show. Each Pokémon has a specific area of the park that they reside in, and therefore, they must also be found before they can be received. Pal Park uses a special type of Poké Ball known as a Park Ball, which has a 100% capture rate, much like the Master Ball. Once a battle begins, there are only two commands that can be used - Throw Ball, or Run. Throwing a Park Ball at the Pokémon will capture it with a 100% capture rate, running away will escape from the battle.

Everything will stay the same, such as OT, ID number, item held, Pokérus if the Pokémon has it, and even the original type of Poké Ball used to capture the Pokémon, despite a Park Ball being used to recapture it.
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How do you go to the moon in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can't, it's all lies. I'm sorry to break this to you, but thereis absolutely no way you can launch the rocket and go to the Moonto catch yourself a free Deoxys or Jirachi.

How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon sapphire to Pokemon Diamond?

Put your sapphire in the bottom part of your ds and on the menu it should say migrate Pokemon... then migrate them! ( and wait usually twenty-four hours! ) Go south of Sandgem town after your probable wait is over there is a place called pal park. the worker will ask a couple of questions but once y ( Full Answer )

Where do you get go-goggles in Pokemon sapphire?

When you beat the gym leader Flannery, you walk out and brendon comes out of the house, looks at all your badges and says you deserve these and gives them to you.

How do you migrate Pokemon from sapphire?

Go to the Pokemon daycare in between Mauville and Verdanturf. Then take a female and a male of the same kind of Pokemon and give them to the lady inside. Wait a while and at a certain point when you visit you will be informed that your Pokemon have breeded and you will have an egg to take care of. O ( Full Answer )

Migrating Pokemon from sapphire?

In order to migrate Pokemon you need to have gotten the National 'Dex. When you start up the game, the option to "Migrate from Sapphire" should appear. You may choose up to 6 Pokemon per game, per day to transfer to the pal park. The Pokemon you choose can not be returned to your GBA game. http:// ( Full Answer )

How do you Migrating Pokemon from sapphire?

First you need to have national dex.Then go to pal park and professor Oak will be there. Talk to him and he will leave after talking.Then restart the game with sapphire in your DS. When you start a new menu will say MIGRATE FROM SAPPHIRE. select it and choose 6 Pokemon. they will disappear from sa ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate from Pokemon sapphire to pearl?

1stick it in the bottom of the ds 2go south of the town with prof. rowan's house 3surf through the water until u reach land 4go into the building 5 play migranting game 6u got the Pokemon now u cant do this until u beat the elite four and cinthea -Jessi Circle

How do you migrate pokemon from sapphire to diamond?

You just need the diamond and Sapphire (Or whatever game) both into the DS. Then when you turn the DS on,you go to the diamond game (WITH sapphire in the DS as well) then on the title screen of diamond,it should say "Migrate Pokemon from Sapphire". You can do this with Emerald,Ruby Leaf Green etc. B ( Full Answer )

Pokemon Sapphire how to go to space?

To go to outer space just beat Pokemon league after that go to the space launch section immdietly a man standing on the left side should help you

How do you migrate from Pokemon sapphire to Pokemon Diamond?

first put sapphire into ds, note: make sure the Pokemon you want to migrate is in your PC. turn on diamond select migrate from sapphire go to pal park (southeast of sangem town) then talk to the man with the yellow hat answer yes to the question and have fun catching the Pokemon you migrated!!!

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl how do you migrate Pokemon from Sapphire?

insert the game boy cartrage(sapphire) and Pokemon pearl. then turn it on and upload Pokemon pearl. next on the menu on the opening screen choose migrate from ______ (sapphire for you). then choose that and tap the yes with the stylos.next you choose your Pokemon andstarp the game. finally go to the ( Full Answer )

Go-goggles in Pokemon sapphire?

you just have to beat the 4rth gym and when you come out your rival will speak to you and give you the go-goggles

How do you migrate Pokemon from sapphire to platinum?

First, make sure that all of the Pokemon you want to migrate from Sapphire are in your PC and not your party. You also want to make sure that none of them know any HM's. Once you have done this, start up Pokemon Platinum with Sapphire in the GBA slot. From the main menu, scroll down two options and ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate Pokemon sapphire to platinum?

you put sapphire in the GBA,start platinum restart the game then everything will be saved go back to pal park and save turn of start up again and u can migrate!!!!

How do you migrate Pokemon from sapphire to pearl in the wild?

The only way you can Migrate Poke'mon into the Pearl is if you use the Pal Park and you can only catch six Pokemon from you old games at a time. (NOTE* Tat if you take Pokemon from your old games you cannot put them back in old games)

How can you migrate Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver, you will be able to migrate Pokemon from The Generation III Game Boy Advance Games. Pal Park is located in Fuschia City of the Kanto Region. Since the Kanto Region (save Routes 26 and 27) are accesible only after you defeast the Elite Four, Pal Park itself is obvio ( Full Answer )

Migrating Pokemon from sapphire to platinum?

ok 1 st you need a DS DSlite with a slot for GBA games 2nd when you have adapted the game turn on the DS DS lite touch the Pokemon platinum let the menu open the where it says "migrate from sapphire" you choose 6 Pokemon ( Pokemon that don't have HM moves exapmle: surf, dive etc) after migr ( Full Answer )

Can you migrate in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Yes. Once you have beaten Johto and Kanto. Fight the champion and then go to Mt.Silver. At the top is a trainer named red. When you defeat him, go to Fuschia in Kanto, the safari zone is now pal park! The same way you do in Diamond/Pearl and Platinum. In HeartGold and SoulSilver there is no limit to ( Full Answer )

How do you go to Hoenn in Pokemon SoulSilver?

from what i konw you can go to hennon it soul or heart but stevn the leader gives you a hennon starter after you after you beet in a poke battle on mt silver

How can you migrate Pokemon from firered to SoulSilver?

Slip in the fire-red into the GBA game slot on the (Nitendo DS Lite) if you try with the new version ds (Dsi) then you turn on the old ds system and then you should have passed the whole game then have 6 Pokemon in the fire red PC then you can select the 6 migrate go to the pal park in the kanto reg ( Full Answer )

Why can you not migrate Pokemon from Pokemon emerald to Pokemon soulsilver?

You can, you have to go to Fuschia city where the safari zone was in leaf green and fire red. After that save it and turn it off to get to the home screen then click migrate from emerald UPDATED BY HEARTLESS: Make sure you don't forget to capture the Pokemon in Pal Park! I've made that mistake befor ( Full Answer )

Where do you migrate in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Fuchsia City, there is an area called Pal Park. You can transfer as many Pokèmon as you want in a day, (unlike Diamond and Pearl) but only six at a time. ~Lucario

Where does Suicune go in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Suicune can be found in a few routes. You will firstly see it in the Burned Tower, joined by Raikou and Entei. Then, it will run around, and you will just have to find it. Unlike Raikou and Entei, who cross the Johto land and flee as soon as you encounter them, Suicune can be interacted to for a sho ( Full Answer )

Can you trade from Pokemon SoulSilver to Pokemon sapphire?

I'm sorry to say but no you cannot trade Pokemon from soul silver to sapphire because they are not made in the same format thus you cannot trade. But you can migrate them. Which means that you can move Pokemons from sapphire to soul silver but cant move it back to sapphire again. And you cannot brin ( Full Answer )

Can you go to sinno in Pokemon SoulSilver?

No. But you can get Sinnoh Pokemon and one of the Sinnoh starters from Steven afetr you've beaten Red. What? No. Steven Gives you the Starter Pokemon from Hoenn.

How do you migrate Pokemon to Pokemon SoulSilver?

To migrate Pokemon to soulsilver/Heartgold you have to beat the elite four for the first time. Then you simply put in the gba pak you wish to migrate from into your ds and on the menu you scroll down and there is a option that allows you to select Pokemon that are in the gba games PC boxes with a mi ( Full Answer )

Can you go to sino in Pokemon SoulSilver?

No you can't, but you can capture Sinnoh and Hoenn Pokemon that have migrated into Jhoto and Kanto in this game. On Wensdays and Thursdays- they will play either the Sinnoh sound on the Pokemon song channel or the Hoenn Pokemon sound. If you play this on your radio, then surf or walk in grass ( Full Answer )

Can you go to the hoeonn in Pokemon SoulSilver?

No, you cannot go to Hoenn in Pokemon SoulSilver, but you can still get the Hoenn legendaries. Pokemon SoulSilver is a copy of Pokemon Silver, and you can only go to Johto and Kanto.

Where do you go after you get the goggles in Pokemon sapphire?

You could explore the desert previously inaccessible and fight trainers or catch some pokemon there (sandshrew and trapinch). Also, you can fight Norman (your father in the game) for a gym badge, although he is still in the city you met him quite some time ago.

What happens if you migrate Pokemon emerald to Pokemon SoulSilver?

You will get them in Soul Silver but you have to beat the game and get the National Pokedex from Oak. You will find him at Olivine Port. Pal Park is at Fuschia City where the safari zone used to be (Northen Part of the City). The Pokemon you migrate will stay to your game as long as they have no Hm ( Full Answer )

How can you migrate Pokemon pearl and SoulSilver to white?

You'll need 2 DS systems (doesn't matter what type of DS). On Route 15 in Pokemon White (can only get there after defeating Ghetsis) there is a building that will allow you to transfer pokemon from a generation 4 game (diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, soulsilver). In one DS system, have your cha ( Full Answer )