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Where do all those darned left socks keep going?


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2011-09-15 10:21:24
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In the Darned left sock pile. If they weren't darned, they would still have a hole and be in your drawer. They'll be the first ones you pick out!

Have you checked behind your washer and dryer or maybe even under your bed.

My mum used to tell us that they went to lost sock land!

Answer to all your problems: buy new ones.

Oh I'm sorry I thought they were mine...wait...... if I have yours where are mine?

You know the lint trap in the dryer? Those are digested socks. It appears your dryer prefers the left ones... even appliances have to eat.

How do you know it's the left sock?

They are probably in the washing machine, caught between the spinning drum and the outer tub it sits in.

There are no left or right socks. How can you tell the difference?

Didn't you see that Ren & Stimpy episode? They went through a black hole. That's where they found the huge reeking pile of socks - the place where all the stinky left socks from the whole wide world go!

It's the sock monster! He steals socks and eats them.

I steal left socks and sell them for profit.

What if the same thing happened to them as did to Dots glove on that one episode of Mad TV? YOU NEED TO GO HUNT THE DRYER!

I'd heard that they migrated back to the closet and turned into wire hangers.

It isn't the left sock's that disappear; it's the right ones!

The one that you still have is the one that is left, you lost the other one.

They're on your foot, or have you checked the fridge maybe?

Well since most people put their right sock on first, it is always assumed the lost sock is the left one.

They go to the Bermuda triangle... to be never seen again.

Well, since you darned them, they probably felt sad and left to find another loving home, somewhere where people will appreciate all they put up with.

Well... your left sock is your left sock and your right sock is your left sock... so... unless you wear socks training you to tell left from right, then just find another sock from another pair...

I steal them and sell them on eBay.

Narnia, obviously.

I have them and I'm not giving them back.

Despite popular belief it is actually the right socks that go missing and not the left. The left socks are quite content where they are at, however it is the right socks that want more out of life. Just like the right side of the brain they tend to be more creative and seek out a life in New Dehli, getting there through the worm hole in the washing machine.

Your pants eat them......where do you think pocket lint comes from.

Its quite possible you are wearing 2 socks on your right foot. There you should find that missing left sock.


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No, pigs do not wear socks.

Thermal socks. These socks keep out the bugs and keep in the heat. They are often made of thick polyester and are easily washed as well.

Shin guards are worn under soccer socks because the socks keep the shin guards in place, right in front of the shins. If the shin guards were worn on top of the socks all shin guards without straps would not remain on and even those that have straps that go around the back of the leg will not keep the shin guards in place.

What If It Didnt? The World Isnt Going To End So Keep Your Cotton Socks On.

Toe socks were invented because they are a funny way to keep your toes warm.

These socks will keep babies' feet warm outside in reasonable weather.

it will keep stuff WARM but not hot

Socks were invented to protect feet from the cold and bad conditions. Socks keep your feet nice and warm and also protect them from harm (to an extent).

because it had a bonner

It's not required that you wash socks, but it is probably a good idea just to keep the socks smelling fresh and clean and to make them last longer.

shoes are too big. wear two or three socks. that will solve the problem.

It's keep going on, or keep on going.

The benefits of thermal socks is to keep your feet warm on very cold days. They also wick away sweat from your feet to keep you dry, comfortable and happy.

Ankle socks are important as they keep the feet from dirtying the insides of shoes, which then become difficult to clean. They are also important because they absorb sweat from the feet and keep it clean.

Babies and kids can sometimes have a difficult time keeping their socks on their feet. It is especially difficult to keep socks on an infant that is not wearing shoes. There are some ways that parents can choose their babies and kids’ socks for better results. Infant Socks Socks that are designed for infants to wear are extremely small and can be hard to manage while the infant is squirming around. Infants generally do not like to wear socks, which makes it even more difficult. You can make it easier to keep socks on your infant by choosing socks that are more likely to stay on little feet. Do not buy socks that are loose fitting or extremely short. Infants have more success wearing socks that have strong elastic in the top and come up over the infant’s ankle and some of the way up his or her calf. The higher the sock goes up the leg, the less likely it will be pulled off by a wiggling infant. Toddler Socks Toddlers have a different problem with wearing socks. Their socks will stay on just fine as long as they are wearing a pair of shoes, but as soon as the shoes come off the socks come off too. A parent that wants to keep a toddler’s feet warm without putting them in shoes should find socks that are sturdy and close-fitting. Some toddlers enjoy having fun colors or cartoon characters on their socks, which keeps them from pulling the socks off if they generally do not like to wear socks. Preschooler Socks Preschool children are much easier when it comes to buying and wearing socks. You can find all sorts of socks to fit the style and personality of your preschool child. Many children like to wear bright colors and bold patterns on their socks because it is fun. A preschooler should be able to put on his or her own socks, which makes them much more interested in keeping the socks on while they are wearing them. Preschoolers also understand that socks will help keep their feet warm. That basic understanding will keep them wearing socks all day long.

Socks were inveted because people need socks to keep their feet warm. They certaintly had a skilful mind and bought out their imagination. Alot more answers but that's ^ just one of them

which sock keep you feet the warmest?

all it would do is keep the heat in your body

I believe to keep the sand out?

Socks are extremely important to exercise. They keep grip in your shoes preventing blisters. For example in a basketball tournament i wore new socks(never wear new socks wear broke in socks) and it caused my foot to slip in the shoe. The friction created my feet to blister and break. Always wear socks in shoes when exercising

More? Wear more socks. Instead of just wearing a single pair of socks, wear another pair over them. If you have larger socks, then you can put the larger socks on over the smaller socks in several layers. You will need the larger socks because the more layers you put on, the larger your foot will appear. If you have thick shoes, like perhaps fuzzy house shoes, wear those over the layers of socks. The key is to keep your feet from getting much exposure to air, which will cool them down. You will need to get them warmed up quite a bit in order to sweat... if you really want them to sweat.

I have never tried injinji socks personally, but I hear that they help keep your feet cool when you run. They also help keep your feet dry so you don't get athletes foot.

im going to assume you mean warm and not worm. lol. but sweatpants, jackets, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts,boots, long socks

No, you don't wear socks with jazz shoes. You can put baby powder on your feet to keep them from smelling and sweating, too.

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