Where do animals go after they die?

All living things, whether animal (including humans) or plant, when they die will decompose back into the Earth.

Decomposition is nature's way of taking back the minerals and nutrients that make up the body of the deceased matter. Everything that is "used" to make living things, is found in the Earth itself. Calcium which is used to make teeth and bones for example is found in rocks.

To help with decomposition, nature uses insects and other animals to speed up the process. Other animals, specifically carnivores, will eat most of the flesh if they stumble upon the carcass, digest it and then expel it as faeces, which when broken down naturally forms fertile compost for plants to grow in.

What is left of the body or if no carnivores manage to find it, the insects will lay eggs within the fleshy parts. When they hatch, the body is swarmed by the newborn insects and eaten, in order to get all the nutrients and minerals they need to grow into healthy insects and repeat the cycle again.

The bones will eventually sink into the ground or fall into a water source, where over a course of years they will once again become parts of the rock. But they will leave behind an impression on the rock, which we call a fossil.

Some believe that the spirit of the animals go to the afterlife, wherever that may be.

ALL living things, both animal and vegetable eventually die and decompose,returning valuable nutrients and minerals to the earth. My own belief is that after death you live on in the minds and conversations of those you left behind. After one maybe two generations you will quietely fade away.

I believe that animals will either be eaten if they were killed or else decomposed into the soil.