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Where do bees spend the night if they cannot get back to the hive?

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I think they die as to get back to the hive they need light and if there is no light they lose their sense of direction.

2006-09-12 01:11:17
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Q: Where do bees spend the night if they cannot get back to the hive?
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Do bees come out at night?

Honey bees don't usually fly at night.

Can bees see at night?

Bees don't come out at night as it is dark and it is cold

Where do bumble bees go at night?

Bees go to the hive at night to rest.

What innate behaviors do bees have?

Bees innate behaviors are to fly, seek food and bring food back to the family of bees. Bees are adapted to darkness and do not limit themselves between flying at night or day time.

Do bees swarm at night?

Bees are generally not active at night. Bees are attracted to light, so if they are flying at night, they generally will fly towards an electric light.

Do bees attack at night?

Very unlikely. Bees don't normally leave the hive at night.

Do bees spend all of their life in the hive?

There are some kinds of bees who do not live in hives

Do bubble bees fly or move at night?

No, but bumble bees do.

Do bumble bees fly or move at night?

Some tropical bees can and the European hornets fly at night.

Will bees sting at night?

Bees tend not to sting at night due to the lowered temperatures. However, bees are physically capable of stinging any time.

Can you make yourself allergic to bees?

You cannot be make yourself allergic to bees. Being allergic to bees is a natural reaction by the body, and cannot be forced.

What Bees swarm to lights at night?

Bees don't fly at night, so whatever you saw attracted to the light at night, wasn't a bee.

Do bees fly at night?

Bees do not typically fly at night due to the fact they navigate by the sun. If there is a full moon on a clear night or a lot of lights on in a house near to where a colony of bees lives, the worker bees will attempt to work. Bees want to work, so if they since there is daylight by which to work - they will work.

Do boy bees sting?

Drone (male) bees cannot sting.

What do bees do at night?

Bees will usually go back to the hive where they will rest. They don't sleep in the same way that humans would, but they do stop their activity and go into a sort of dormant state. Some bees may have other functions during the night, but primarily most will just return to the hive for some rest.

Why do bees fly at night?

They usually don't fly at night.

Why do bees commit suicide?

Bees don't commit suicide so much as they perform self-euthanasia. If they are injured or cannot make it back to the hive, they will sting themselves, ending their life.

When do honey bees sleep?

at night

Do bees need rest?

Yes. In fact bees spend quite a large part of their time doing nothing.

Where do carpenter bees go at night?

Carpenter bees return to their hives at night. They build chambers in their hives, so that there is room for many of them to settle in.

What bees make milk?

Bees cannot make milk. Milk comes from mammals.

Why are bees dying outside my door at night?

One possible answer is that bees are attracted to bright lights, even at night. If there is a beehive anywhere near your house, and you have a porchlight on at night, bees may be attracted to the light and then not be able to find their way back to the hive. So they die in the evening chill. or run out of fuel flying around the light all night, and then collapse. You could try putting your porchlight on a motion sensor, and see if that helps to alleviate the problem.

Do bees bite sundown?

no they do not bees actually become blind around maybe 5:00 to 6:00 so they cannot see in the dark they just go back to the hive in witch they came from.

Why do bees come out at night?

They don't usually.

When do bees get hungry?

They get the munchies in the middle of the night.