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Where do chemists find arsenic?

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What are the names of all metalloids?

Metalloids (generally accepted by most chemists) are: germanium, tellurium, silicon, boron, arsenic and antimony.

Where can you find arsenic?

You can find arsenic in well water sometimes. It also can come out of volcanoes. All the rest of the sources are man made. The lethal ingredient in rat poison is arsenic.

Why chemists must work in the macroscopic world to find out about the submicroscopic atom?

the chemists goal is to understand the atoms that compose it

What do chemists try to find out?

They try to find out about the properties of substances and how they can be used.

Who was the first person to find the chemical arsenic?

Arsenic has been known about since ancient times, so there is no record of who 'found' it.

When did albertus magnus find arsenic?

around 1200 -1250

What is the possessive noun for chemists?

The possessive form of the plural noun chemists is chemists'.Example: The chemists' laboratories are in this building.

What is the valency of Arsenic?

3 The main species of arsenic found in the environment are the arsenic (III) and arsenic (V).

What are the common isotpes of arsenic?

The only stable, and thus by far the most common, isotope of arsenic is arsenic-75, although isotopes have existed from arsenic-60 through arsenic-92. The isotopes with the longest half-lives are arsenic-73, arsenic-74, and arsenic-76.

How will you find out the arsenic impurities?

It is necessary to apply methods of analytical chemistry.

What are the semi-metal elements?

If you think to metalloids they are: boron, silicon, arsenic, tellurium, germanium, antimony; some chemists consider selenium, polonium, astatine also as metalloids. Metalloids and semimetals are not synonyms.

What is the plural for chemists?

Its just chemists.

Is arsenic a metal nonmetal or a metalloid?

Arsenic is a metalloid.

What type of physics are involved in the job of a chemists?

I don't know that is what I am trying to find out.

What is the smell of arsenic?

It doesn't have one. Don't sniff arsenic to try to find this out; it will kill you. =================== My reply: Sorry, I'm wrong! Should NOT count on TV to be accurate!

What are the chemicals in arsenic?

Strictly, there are no other "chemicals" in arsenic, because arsenic is a chemical element, and pure arsenic therefore does not contain any other element.

How do you remove arsenic from water?

You filter out the arsenic!How? go to what is good to filter arsenic with?

What is the scientific name for arsenic?

Arsenic is an element. The scientific name for arsenic is arsenic. Arsenic's chemical symbol is: As It is left to the student to balance the chemical equation of Arsenic and Old Lace.

Is arsenic magnetic?

No, arsenic is not magnetic.

Is there arsenic in protoplasm?

There are no arsenic in a protoplasm

Is arsenic diatomic?

No Arsenic is monoatomic.

A slogan for arsenic?

Arsenic good to give to your enemies:)Arsenic good to give to your enemies:)

What is the number of particles in As(arsenic)?

Arsenic has 33 protons/electrons and 42 neutrons.

What is true about the work of chemists?

There are many things that are true about chemists. Chemists are scientists trained to study chemicals.

What is the significance of arsenic in your body?

Arsenic is very toxic. Arsenic was used as poison by murderers. But some useful drugs may contain arsenic.