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No. Calves come from the womb, or uterus of their mommas. The stomach is where food goes to be digested, not where babies are grown.

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Where do the cows come from that give the baseball its outside leather?

Your moms v a g

Was the milk in the cows stomache 2 days before it was made?

No. Cows' milk doesn't come from a cow's stomach, it comes from the udder.

Can moms fly?

yes so can cows

What 2 say when your children ask where do baby's come from?

I would tell them that the baby comes from the moms stomach.

Do babies cry in a moms stomach?

No. They do not.

Where does recycling happen?

in your moms stomach

Where did cromagnons live in?

Your moms stomach

Do black panther cubs look different from each other?

no because they all look the same when they come out there moms stomach

How does pain medicine effect the stomach?


Do cows have one stomach?

Yes! Cows do, in fact, have only one stomach. This stomach is divided into four chambers, being the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. It is common misconception that cows have four stomachs, when they only have one.

What has 8 stomach?

2 cows.

Can cows get stomach cancer?

sure why not?

Why do cows stomach windows?

so that farmers can watch the food digest inside the cows stomach and make foods that digest easier.

Do cows have 2 stomach?

No. They have one stomach with four compartments or chambers.

Do cows have three stomachs?

No. Cows have only one stomach with four compartments.

Where do baby cows come out of?

Baby cows or calves come out of the womb of their momma cows.

Where did Casey Calvert grow up?

his moms stomach

What takes food and turned into energy?

you moms stomach

Do cows really have four stomachs if so what are the three extra ones for?

No. Cows only have ONE stomach. That one stomach has fourchambers.

Why do cows have 2 stomachs?

Cows do not have 2 stomachs. They have 1 stomach with four chambers.

Do cows have 5 stomachs?

No. Cows only have one stomach with four chambers or compartments.

Do cows have seven stomachs?

No. Cows only have one stomach with four chambers or compartments.

Do any cows have eight stomachs?

No. Cows only have one stomach with four compartments.

How do moms have babies?

first to put the baby in the stomach the mom and dad need to do it ....then the moms stomach gets bigger(the baby is usually in the stomach for 9 months) and then they need to take the mom to the hospital and then she pushes the baby out of her vagina

Is a belly a humans stomach or a cows?


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