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Dingoes live in Australia. They are most commonly found in remote areas of the outback, such as bushland areas and semi-arid regions, as long as there is a food source, but they have certainly been known to move closer in to human habitations. They are very adaptable, and have been known to inhabit rainforests and even alpine and sub-alpine regions.

Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island, which lies off Queensland's southern coast, is heavily populated with dingoes.
Dingos live in Australia. Europeans brought them there, and then they ran away and became wild dogs that would no longer become close to a human.
Dingoes are commonly found in the Northern Territory and parts of Queensland and Western Australia.

For a map showing the distribution of the dingo in Australia, click on the related link below and scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

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Do dingoes live in dens?

Dingoes live in "lairs".

Do dingoes live in Antarctica?

No, dingoes live in Australia, not in Antarctica.

Why do dingoes live in groups?

Dingoes live in packs to be stronger.5 Dingoes hunting together is better than 1.

Do dingoes live in Tasmania?


How long is a dingoes life span?

Dingoes live up to 14 years

Are dingoes herding dogs?

Dingoes are wild dogs that live in Australia. They do not herd.

How long do dingoes live for in the wild?

Wild dingoes can live for up to ten years but usually live for more like five or six years

Do dingoes live in Mexico?


Does Dingoes live alone or in groups?

They live in small groups

Do dingoes eat goats?

It could but they live in two different parts. Dingoes live in the outback while goats are domestic and are mainly herded in farms. Although dingoes would have access to feral (rangeland) kids.

Do dingoes eat zebras?

Dingoes are native to Australia and zebras live in Africa. Being on different continents, dingoes would neve get the chance to eat zebras.

Do dingoes live in Missouri?

There are no dingos in Missouri.

What is 3 interesting fact about a dingo?

1. Dingoes cannot bark - but they can howl. 2. Dingoes cared for by people can live up to 15 years or more. 3. Dingoes live in Australia and Southeast Asia, mainly Thailand.

How many dingoes are left in Australia?

Dingoes are wild dogs that live in many parts of Australia. An accurate count is difficult, as many feral domestic dogs live in the same areas and interbreed with the dingoes. Dingoes are listed as vulnerable, but not endangered. However, some estimates say there are only a few hundred pure dingoes left, while others say there are tens of thousands of them.

Where do dingoes live in Australia?

yellow stone river

Do dingoes live in south America?

Yep. Sure do.

How many percent of dingoes live in Australia?

about 1000

Why do dingoes live in Australia?

Dingoes are not native to Australia. They were brought to Australia from Asia by the Aborigines, and thrived on a continent where they were apex predators with little competition.

Do shark eat dingoes?

Dingoes live on land and sharks live in the ocean, so sharks certainly do not eat dingoes regularly. But sharks will try to eat most anything that moves, so, if a dingo got into the water near a hungry shark, the shark would probably eat it.

Do dingoes live anywhere else other than deserts?

yes they live in the bush as well

What is a dingos shelter?

Dingoes live in austraila, which the only shelter they have is underground.

Which part of Asia do dingoes live in?

southeast or southwest but I'm not sure.

What is the weather like in this animals habitat?

Dingoes live in hot weather

What is the dingos habitat?

Well, the dingoes inhabit all of Australia, except for One of the drifted states, Tasmania. Dingoes live almost anywhere in any climate, they live in deserts, grasslands, woodlands, on the verge of forests. The dingoes would prefer to live next to forests, but unfortunately some live in the deserts because they are driven out of their own homes by humans. They cannot live anywhere without water. They can live in dens, deserted rabbit holes, or hollowed out logs.

How old do dingoes get?

they mostly live for 5 to 7 years but sometimes it lives for 10 years.Dingoes live between 5 - 10 years in the wild, and in captivity 13 - 15. On rare cases up to 24 years.

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