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They usually occur where two plates of the earth meet. Plate of the earth shift from time to time causing the land near it to shake. Where the plates meet can also be called a fault line.


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Where is earthquakes most likely to occur?

earthquakes are most likely to occur on the rim of tectonic plates

Where do earthquakes occur mostly at?

Earthquakes are most likely to happen at fault lines.

Where in Australia are earthquakes most likely to occur?


Earthquakes are most likely to occur in Europe?

alpine system

What are earthquakes and volcanoes most likely to occur?

If you mean "where" earthquakes and volcanoes are most likely to occur it is in what's called the "ring of fire" which is the coastal ring around the Pacific Ocean.

Where and when is a earthquake most likely to occur?

WHERE: earthquakes can happen any where WHEN: there are no time when when earthquakes can or can't happen

Volcanoes and earthquakes are likely to occur?

Yes, they are likely to occur.

Which region do earthquakes most likely occur in?

Areas of crustal collision.

Earthquakes are most likely to occur in which landform in Europe?

Alpine systems

Where are earthquakes and volcanos most likely to occur?

the edges of crustal plates

Earthquakes are most likely to occur near?

Tectonic Plate boundaries.

What events are most likely to occur along a transform boundary?

The answer is Earthquakes

Where is earthquakes natural disaster most likely to occur?

On plate boundaries .

Where are country earthquakes most likely to occur?

along fault lines

Where are most earthquakes likely to occur?

At or near th boundaries of tectonic plates.

Are earthquakes likely to occur in Fiji?


Where do earthquakes occur most?

Earthquakes occur mostly is in Claifornia.

Where are the most recent earthquakes occurring and are they more likely to occur in certain places?


Do most earthquakes occur on fault lines?

Most earthquakes do occur on fault lines.

Where are earthquakes likely to occur?

seismic zones

What cities do earthquakes likely occur?


Where are earthquakes least likely to occur?


Where do most volcanoes and earthquakes occur?

Most earthquakes and volcanoes occur in or near plate boundaries.

Where in the United States do most earthquakes occur?

The most earthquakes occur in Alaska, followed by California.

Where do most earthquakes occur around the world?

Most earthquakes occur where the edges of Earth's plates are.

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