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Where do earthquakes occur in Australia?

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2016-06-04 08:50:00

Earthquakes in Australia do not occur on the same scale as they

do in other parts of the world, as Australia is not positioned on

the Pacific "Rim of Fire". However, they do occur throughout

Australia, usually deep underground, and little damage


Many earthquakes in Australia are the result of seismic activity

many kilometres underground, and they do not translate to

ground-shaking events on the surface. Parts of Western Australia,

Melbourne and southeastern Victoria, and the region around

Canberra, for example, are hot-spots for deep seismic activity, but

no earthquake in the area has caused death or significant


Australia's worst earthquake to date occurred in 1989 in

Newcastle, north of Sydney in New South Wales. At first, US

seismologists was thought that this was the result of mining

activity in the area, but this theory was discounted after further

Australian research.

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2011-11-19 04:21:43

Earthquakes can occur in almost every part of Australia.

See seismic map of Australia (in related links) to see exactly

where earthquakes have occurred in the past.

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