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Elk are found in and around the Rocky Mountains and the foothills of the Rockies, as well as on various farms and ranches that raise elk. Elk Island National Park, Prince Albert National Park, Yellowstone National Park and other various parks in Canada and the USA also have elk.
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What is an elk?

"A deer is a ruminant mammal belonging to the family Cervidae. A number of broadly similar animals, from related families within the order Artiodactyla, are often also called deer." The above answer is from Wikipedia. Deer family animals have split hoofs, equine family have a single hoof. Deer are m ( Full Answer )

How do elk reproduce?

Bull elk tend to form harems of 5 to 20 females or cow elk and protect them during the rutting season. Bulls protect their harems from competing males, and often fights occur between bulls of similar body and antler size, or when young bulls get super confident in themselves and decide they can take ( Full Answer )

What do elk eat?

Elk are primarily grazers, although they are more selective of whatthey eat than roughage herbivores like cattle. They eat grass aswell as leaves of shrubs and trees, and can be found grazing on theopen exposed slopes of mountainsides during the winter. In thesummer, they are mostly in the forest an ( Full Answer )

Do elk live in Maine?

Yes Elk do live in Maine, although there are no wild Elk living in Maine. Many different animal farms in Maine breed Elk and other animals for hunting or other purposes. The last wild Eastern Elk was killed in 1877. Though there have been many successful efforts at repopulating eastern states with R ( Full Answer )

Why are multiple elk not called elks?

Normally regarding the singular/ plural formation of words, the word's spelling is in direct relation to it origination. In 75% of English vocabulary (NOT language though), it is of Latin origin and in most cases are then plural words spelled with only an "S" or "Es" or whatever similar. However, ( Full Answer )

What is an elks prey?

Elk occupy a variety of habitats and thus feed on a wide range of forage species - the leaves, succulent stems and fruits - from trees, shrubs, and grasses.

What is the plural for elk?

I THINK THAT THE plural for elk is elk as in. 'We saw 10 elk in the field as we approached the city"

Where do elk sleep?

Elk often bed down in dark timber under cover very rarely do the bed down in a clearing it has to have very little traffic

What is the habitat of an elk?

Montane, boreal and boreal/aspen parkland transition zones. They are creatures of the forest, especially that of the northern ones like that in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. They are also found farther south in some states like Montana, Idaho and Colorado.

How tall are elk?

Most elk are around five to six feet tall at the shoulder. Bulls are typically a little taller than cows.

What states do elk live in?

Rocky Mountain Elk, the most common elk in the U.S., are native to the Rocky Mountain Range in Idaho, Montana, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and small parts of Washington state and Oregon. Smaller populations were also introduced and exist in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, ( Full Answer )

Where in north America do elks live?

i have no clue i live in Bismarck,nd and they live there for sure sory i couldn't help much because i have the same question.

Why do elk bugle?

A male elk vocalizes during rutting season, and this vocalization is called an elk bugle. It is a signal to other males and to females that this elk is defining his territory and claiming his mates.

Do elk migrate?

Yes but they are subject to an extensive background cheak due to recent Elk recruitment in Combat 13 and it can take up to 2 years for the migration process to be finalised!

How do you write a paragraph about where elk live?

Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write down what you would say. What would you tell them about this topic? Look up some facts about elk! How would you explain the elk habitat to your friend? Where do elk live? . If you just start writing, you wi ( Full Answer )

Where do elk migrate?

elk migrate into areas of higher altitude in the spring, following the retreating snows, and the opposite direction in the fall. Hunting pressure also impacts migration and movements. During the winter, they favor wooded areas and sheltered valleys for protection from the wind and availability of tr ( Full Answer )

Are elks omnivores?

Pretty strict herbivores, actually. I guess they do get the odd insect as they chew up the grass and foliage, but it's pure accident.

What can a elk do?

This is an odd question, but an elk's abilities include (but are not limited to) running, jumping, pooping, eating grass, and bugling while in the rut.

What color is an elk?

Elk are brown around the neck and head and yellowish-brown on the rest of their bodies. Their rumps are beige to white.

What is the family of a elk?

Elk are also called Wapiti and they are of the deer family. Their scientific name is Cervus elaphus.

Do Elk live in Ohio?

elk do sometimes come in ohio here in a couple years thear will be elk in ohio so ive herd im a deer hunter but if they bring elk into ohio i will be a real killer so ive herd they will bring elk into ohio

What type of climate do elks live in?

Elk live on mountains which is bound to be cold however, elk do not like a lot of snow because they have large bodies and small hooves.

Elks live in what kind of climate?

Elk live in a snowy climate on rocky mountains, however elk perfer not so much snow for they have big boadies and small legs and hoves

Where can an elk live?

They can be found in all western states, such as, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Arkansa, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

When do elk rut?

The rut typically begins in early September and runs intothe first week of October or later, when rifle hunts beginin a few states. Elk Behavior: The early stages of the rut can be awild time in the woods. Bulls are crazed, thinking only aboutbreeding cows.

Is an elk an antilope?

No, an elk is a deer, or a cousin to deer like White-tail, Mule-deer, Keystone, Black-tailed, etc. Antelope are distant cousins to the deer family.

What to do if elk attacks?

if a male elk starts attacking you, try to pock the elk eye, beforethat grab hold of the antlers with on hand and your legs so yourother hand pocks the eye. But if a female attacks you, grab hold ofthe legs when it's kicking you, then kick the stomach. Usuallymales attack when someones harrasing it ( Full Answer )

What are elks habits?

Maybe the elk likes to just walk around, i'm not really sure i'm doing a project on elk's thats why i need the answer

How long is is an elk?

1.5 m (5 ft.) tall at shoulder; 2-3 m (7.5-9 ft.) long; 295 kg (650 lb.)

Are elk vegetarians?

Elk are herbivores- they eat plants. Carnivores eat meat, and omnivores eat plants and meat.

What is a elks protection?

There's this new, fascinating cite called Google! You should check it out sometime (that was sarcasm in case you weren't smart enough to figure it out)...

Why is elk hunted?

To feed your family for upwards to a year, also its good exersise and many people see it as a sport. Wild game meat is also healthier for you than beef.

What is synonym of elk?

Elk and wapiti refer to the same animal, and in some locations, the word caribou is used to refer to elk, but that is not correct - the caribou is a somewhat different animal.

Are elk dangerous?

They can be, if frightened, as they are very large and heavy. Generally, elk are peaceful animals, but they will defend themselves if required.

Are there elk in Denmark?

No, we don't have elks in Denmark. Occaisionally an elk somehow makes it over the strait between Denmark and Sweden, but they are not indigenous to Denmark.

What is elk and emu?

An elk is a large species of deer. An emu is a large species of bird.

Why are the elk endangered?

because some people are dumb and stupid and decide to break the law and go poach these animals.

Do elk lives in the rainforest?

Roosevelt elk also know as "Olympic elk" live in temperate rain forests in Olympic National Park in Washington State.

Are elk in England?

Although they may be found in certain zoos, elk are not native toEngland and will not be found in the wild. Elk died out in Britain around 2,500BC. However, since 2012 atWoodentop farm, near West Coker Elks are being reared in additionin Alladale Scotland attempts to bring Elks back to the wild int ( Full Answer )

What is a royal elk?

A royal elk is an elk (mystical creature) that is king of all other elks, and eats dandelion seeds every day. It is foretold that they shall rule over humans, but havent got the brain power needed to do so yet.

Do deer live with elk?

No. Deer live separately from elk, even if they're grazing in the same area, they're still not a part of the herd of elk.

Is there elk in the grassland?

Yes. Elk do not limit themselves to the forest, they are alsocommonly found on the montane grasslands, especially in the wintertime where the wind has swept away snow enough for elk to graze.

What are facts about the elk?

Elk, are also called wapiti. They are the largest species of deer, primarily found in North America and East Asia. It is a herbivore eating grass, shrubs, leaves and tree bark. More on the elk below.. Bionomial Name: Cervus candensis. Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum: Chordata. Class: Mammalia ( Full Answer )

What are the subspecies of elk?

The elk is a type of deer. There are ten known subspecies of elk. Six of them are native to North America and four are native to Asia. Out of the six subspecies in North America only four of them remain today.

Is Elk a prey?

Yes, an elk is prey to many predators, commonly wolves or coyotes. As elk are herbivores, they cannot be considered predators themselves.

Were does the elk?

well, you cant answer this question because there is no end. other related questions are where do elk live what are elk were does the elk eat what does it eat ETC.