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Where do fat people come from?

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from thin people who ate too much

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Do fat people come from space?


Why earthquacks will come?

When fat people stomp it rumbles the earth. When fat people stomp it rumbles the earth.

Where do Big asses come from?

they came from people who have big fat asses

Why come when i eat a lot i don't get fat?

Some people are different and have something in their body that is different then some people and sometimes you just don't get fat like other people.

How come people make fun of fat people or gay people?

gay people act differently by liking the same sex and we think of that as funny because we are different. and people realy sould not make fun of fat people because 3/4 of people on this planet are fat

Why do I have the sudden desire to get fat?

There are many people who want to get fat, or are fat and enjoy being fat, look up BBWs, BHMs, Feedees, Feeders, Gainers and any related terms you come accross.

How come homeless people are homeless?

because they are fat and they are so stupid and dont have a brain.......

What happens when paint drys?

it stops being wet. and then fat people come and roll in it

What percent of calories should come from fat?

About 30% of calories should come from fat.

How come people get fat?

They might be needing weight for a sport or movie or because they're bored so they eat and eat and soon they're fat.

What is the History of Junk Food?

fat people go into mcdonalds and burger king, and NEVER come out!!!!!!!!!!

When was Fat Music for Fat People created?

Fat Music for Fat People was created on 1994-08-11.

What percentage of your diet should come from fat?

20-35% of your daily calories should come from fat. .

How much of your total calories should come from fat?

About 30% of your total calories should come from fat.

Do you like fat girls?

there is no such thing as fat people - because fat people are not really people i dont like them

What is the word for people who hate fat people?

Fat biatches

How many people eat out?

fat fat fatty people

How come fat people are fat?

cuz they like to easy and are lazy. Or they have slow metabolisms but dont care cuz they wanna eat more even though they dont digest it fast. NOONE is fat cuz they are born that way. no one is naturally fat. its their fault they r fat.

Where does Sausages with roasted pepper polenta come from?

fat fat by tony

What will fat people do if the Star Trek styles ever come in?

one word liposucktion Not entirely true. In the future, fat people may not qualify for Starfleet, but they can still engage successfully in interstellar commerce, as did Cyrano Jones.

Are black people fat?

.some black people are fat , but not all . And white people are fat to . So quit trying to be races .

Do fat people have breasts or fat?

both boobs are fat

Why fat people dont feel much cold than thin people?

fat people tend to feel warmer than thin people because in everyone there is a layer of fat which insulates the body.In fat people there is a thicker layer of fat hence they will feel warmer as a pose thin people who have a thin layer of fat

How many people are fat in Australia?

about how many people are fat in austraila

Do people have fat?

yes everyone has fat even skinny people.