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Where do ferns live?

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in the rain forest with the lava lamp

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Ferns live in moist environments to transport water to cells.

Yes, there are species of ferns that are adapted to life in the desert.

no they can't they have to live in freshwater

some interesting facts about ferns is the live all over the world except antartica.They also live in different habitats.The red in ferns is limited and temporaryhope i helped out!:)

Ferns live in it. Actually all different kids of plants live in the jungle. Ferns are only one kind.

Yes, with a population of about 900.

form_title=Ferns form_header=Looking for a few ferns to spruce up the look of landscape or house? We'll help you get on your way! What is the general climate of the area you live in?*= _ [50] What color of fern are you interested in?*= _ [50] What size of ferns are you interested in?*= () Small () Medium () Large

ferns,golden rods, trees

Ferns and some liverworts etc.

Yes and no. Ferns need to live in a moist environment in order for the sperm to be able to swim to the egg and fertilize it.

They help us live and breath and 80 percent of ferns come from New Zealand and they make it look beautiful.

Some species of ferns are ladder ferns,bird's nest ferns and royal ferns.

they are seedless vascular plants

ferns must live in moist areas, because they have vascular tissues. Vascular tissues give support to fern and transport water through out the whole entire body.

mosses, fissidens, java ferns, and pellia

some plants that live in a cave are moss, ferns, and roots.

Air ferns live without soil or water but they do need misting daily. These ferns are usually attached to an object like driftwood. They like humidity. You can find these in hardware stores or nurserys.

There are 20,000 species of ferns. Ferns are vascular.

There are over 2500 different kinds of plants that live in the swamp. Some of them are ferns and moss.

hart's tongue ferns live in damp shady places like in a forest

Orchids, buttress roots, strangler fig, Fungus and ferns,

not reccomended. but give it a try and report back.

Yes, there are some ferns species that have adapted to living in the desert.

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