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Ghosts like to hide in haunted houses. Most ghosts are people who originally were the owner of the house and choose to haunt it for eternity instead of going to the afterlife. :0

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Where do real ghosts hide?

Ghosts are not real, so there is no place they hide.

GHOSTS at night?

there are GHOSTS at night , noon, afternoon, morning every hour of the day...specialy at night because they hide in the dark

Do ghosts like other ghosts?

Yes ghost like other ghosts. The ones that have lost their head go for those who still have a head. Ghosts aren't real!

What if you like ghosts?

I personally love ghosts, I see nothing wrong with it.

Do ghosts like light?

No... they don't. You know nothing about ghosts! No I am just teasing.

Do ghosts like to haunt you?

If you did something bad to them, then yes. P.S. Ghosts does not exist!

Do angels hang out with you like ghosts?

There are guardian angels, ghosts are fantasy creatures.

Can people prove ghosts are real?

Not realy because there is no such things as ghosts but there is such things as spirits wich is kind of like ghosts.

What are poltregeists?

they are like ghosts.

What kind of people do ghosts like?

Ghosts like mean and greedy people so they can have a reason to pick on them, and be bastards.

Do ghosts like to mess with people at 3 o'clock am?

Yes... Ghosts are definitely real!

Are ghosts like in The Grudge movies real?

Probably not. Since no one knows what ghosts look and act like, any fictional ghosts created by human imagination are most likely nothing like the real thing.

Do you like ghosts?

I like the ghost because I think that they doesn't live and I don't believe in that So, I can't say that the ghosts exists

Are ghosts afraid of humans?

There is no such thing as ghosts. But if there is they like to scare humans they dont get scared of us

Can ghosts look like your friends who are alive?

No one knows if ghosts are real, but I would say no

What grain group food do ghosts like for breakfast?

There are no such things as ghosts, therefore they do not eat breakfast.

Are heaven ghosts scary?

No because heaven ghosts don't haunt people down like other ghosts. Heaven ghosts are angels because they came down from heaven to help people.

What actors and actresses appeared in Bones Like Ghosts - 2014?

The cast of Bones Like Ghosts - 2014 includes: Elena Saurel

Why does your dog hide toys?

Dogs like to play. They hide things so that they (or you) can find them again, just like human children like to play hide and seek.

Why do ghosts attack people?

They don't. Ghosts are fictional beings like fairies, vampires and Santa Claus.

Can toddlers see ghosts?

I believe that toddlers have a higher sensitivity to ghosts than adults do, like animals.

Are humans ghosts to ghosts?

yes.. you can say that. its just like when a ghost takes over a human we call it exorcism. similarly when human takes over ghosts that's also possible. like ancient people use to take control of ghosts and make them do different tasks for them.

Where do monsters like to hide?

They Hide under the bed or in the closet

Why does a grasshopper like grass?

so they can hide and can hide there eggs.

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