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Where do ghosts usually came from?

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Ghost are here in this world for long time. As compared to humans, Ghosts are thousand times greater in quantity. They are all around us. Ghost also live a life , like we humans are living. We cannot usually see them. In very rare cases ghosts can be seen. I am doing research on this, so as i know more , i would share it here.

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Where ghosts came from?

The human imagination. There are no such things as ghosts.

What are ghosts that do pranks know as?

Pranking ghosts are usually called poltergeists.

What were the three ghosts that came to visit Scrooge?

The were; The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet To Come

Where are ghosts usually seen?

at night

Are poltergeists ghosts?

Poltergeist are connected to an indiviual ghosts are connected to an area. A house usually

Are heaven ghosts scary?

No because heaven ghosts don't haunt people down like other ghosts. Heaven ghosts are angels because they came down from heaven to help people.

What do ghosts feel like?

Depressed, usually.

What Call of duty came out after Call of duty ghosts?


Why do ghosts go through bodies?

some ghosts do that so they can communicate with the living people usually demons do this.

How do lights kill ghosts?

There is no evidence that ghosts exist. Tales of such are usually fictional, as are any attributes given to them.

Where are ghosts usually found?

Ghosts are usually found in dark places well you see them mostly in dark but they are there all the timeActually, ghosts can be found anywhere. They are usually prone to staying in the building that they died in. This could be any building on Earth. It doesn't necessarily have to be a dark place.

What do ghosts have to do with religion?

religions have only one thing to do with ghosts you can usually get rid of a ghost by calling upon god.

Are ghosts fictional?

Ghosts do exist. They usually come back to tell people that they love them and that they didn't have time to say goodbye. Ghosts get stronger the longer they exist, that's why you can see some ghosts and some you can only feel.

Why Haunted Houses Always have Ghosts?

Probably because 'haunted' is like when there are supernatural beings, and since you hear a lot about ghosts, I assume that's where it came from.

What is Scrooge like before the ghosts came?

Rude, miserly uncaring and bitter

What age do you usually see ghost?

Most people never see ghosts. Those that think they see ghosts can see them at any age.

What movies came out on December 4?

here are the movies:: "Ghosts of Mars" "Summer Catch"

What are ghosts that do pranks called?

their harmless first of all and their usually just little kids looking for a good id call them mischevious ghosts.

How can you catch ghosts?

ghost catching is different than getting rid of ghosts. if you want to get rid of one , usually just asking it politely on the time it usually appears will do it. if you want to catch one you will have to get a ghost detector

What is Scrooge like after the ghosts came?

scrooge became different like when he waz kind and genorous.

What is a good sentence with the word recluse in it?

Isn't Scrooge a recluse?? Well, before the ghosts came!!

Who has seen the ghosts?

I deal with "the ghosts" everyday.I have seen the ghosts. If you would like to try seeing them for yourself then try this out if your afraid then get a friend to do it with you... go in a room, like your living oom because that's usually where they go,then sit on the floor and be very quiet. Ghosts usually don't get directly in front of you but you can see whitish figures in the corner of your eye but if you look at them then they disappear. Don't try this at all because you'll just die.

Can ghosts see you?

Yes, they can see you but you can't usually see them unless by camera or if they want you see them.

Why do ghosts stay behind?

No question that there are good and bad ghosts, and I usually like to believe that ghosts don't mean to cause harm to us. But here's my answer to your question. Ghosts linger in homes and houses mainly because they were killed, so they had to stay behind and linger, waiting to be set free, or to be avenged. They can't rest peacefully until then.

Do ghosts enter the body from behind?

There are no such things as ghosts.There are ghosts and ghosts don't enter you... poltergeists POSSESS you. O.o

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