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where do green pepper come from?

please awser as fast as you can!

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What part of the plant does the green pepper come from?

Green pepper is the fruit of the pepper plant and as all fruits comes from the ovule of the flower.

How does green pepper look like?

green pepper looks like green pepper

What is called green pepper in Telugu?

Miriyaalu is pepper... miriyappodi is pepper powder green is aakupaccha green pepper is aakupaccha miryaalu

How many cups in one large green pepper?

The amount of cups in one large green pepper will vary from pepper to pepper. Not every green pepper is the same size. One cup is equal to 8 ounces of green pepper.

What is the difference between a green pepper and black pepper?

A green pepper is not a pepper, but a fruiting vegetable with a soft flesh.

How many cups of chopped green pepper in a medium green pepper?

you can get almost one cup of green peppers from a medium chopped green pepper.

What is the Yield of green pepper plant?

what is the avarage yeild of a green pepper

Is bell pepper the same as green pepper?

Yes, bell peppers and green bell peppers come from the same plant. Often, green bell peppers are just red, yellow, or orange peppers that have yet to ripen.

Where do pimentos come from?

It is a green bell pepper that is left in the sun to ripen & turns red.

What is slivered sweet green pepper?

A "sweet green pepper" would be a bell pepper or a cherry pepper. "Slivered" would be slicing it thinly.

Can goats eat green pepper?

Yes goats can eat green pepper.

Is green pepper a vegetable?

Yes a green pepper is a vegtable ask anybody.

What percentage of water does a green pepper have?

green pepper is about 75%full of water.....................hope this helps

How do you prepare and plant green pepper seeds fresh from a green pepper?

green pepper seeds are too immature to grow. The pepper must first mature and turn red, then when you use it just save the seeds inside

How do say pepper in Japanese?

koshoh piiman [green pepper]

Do goats eat green pepper?

No , goats can eat green pepper but , it might give them a tummy ache

Which part of a green bell pepper is the top?

The part of the green bell pepper is the one with the stem on top.

Is a red pepper a ripe green pepper?

Ripened green peppers can turn red, but true red peppers grow red (not green).

What does a green pepper plant look like?

Click on the link to see what a green pepper plant looks like.

What could you use instead of ground black pepper?

white or red pepper as well as green pepper

Where does white pepper come from?

Both black & white pepper originate from the same source. They come from the peppercorns of the plant pepper nigrum. The difference is in the way they are harvested. Black pepper comes from peppercorns that are harvested when green & allowed to dry in the sun until they blacken. White pepper comes from peppercorns that are allowed to ripen fully before picking & then are soaked in water to remove the outer hull.

What part of the green pepper plant do you eat?

The part of the green pepper plant you eat is the fruit.

What color are pepper plants?

Pepper plants can be red, green, sometimes orange

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