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Where do heinz baked beans come from?


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The real deal Heinz Baked Beans come from the UK, although until 1928, Britain actually imported them from Canada. Folks in the US can order them from various online web sites, including one large bookseller, for about $2 per can, if you can't find them locally. The real Heinz Baked Beans, now called just "Heinz Beanz" (ugh, now even beans are subject to leetspeak spelling?) are not the same as the Vegetarian Baked Beans sold by Heinz in the US, which have 50% more calories due to containing more sugar. Accept no substitutes. Buy the REAL Heinz Baked Beans, not the "southernized" US vegetarian version (if you've ever tasted how sweet iced tea is in the southeast US, you know what I mean by southernized). If you mean, what kind of beans they are, I believe they're haricot beans.