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They either stay in the rain, cover themselves, or find a ledge or building to stay near, to be out of the most of it.

I would think that they go to a homeless shelter or a half-way house. Other than that, it would depend on the location. . . . . not sure where you want this question to go. And I agree with the above .

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Yes, most homeless people usually go to homeless shelters, except for proud people that do not want to go to one.

You may have that backwards. Many people are homeless as a RESULT of mental illness.

All of the Homeless People would live on the streets and annoy people

to parks or to parkinglots

they was homeless and hod NO were to go

Homeless is an adjective--homeless people. When referring to homeless people collectively, the homeless, it's a noun.

if its snowing people are going to go snowbarding, if its raining people are going to be driving to fast,if it hot people are going to be swimming.It can affect it in many ways. If it is raining, you will not want to go outside. If it is sunny, you will want to.

They go to a shelter in the warm. Some go under shelter in the cold. Sadly some homeless people just sleep and stay out in bad weather :(

it is a verry stupid amount im sure you dont want to know its like 3 or 4 people are homeless there this is not a lie i mean if you go there there is like no one homeless there becuse its an island how would homeless people even get there in the frist place am i right

Go out side, if you get wet it's raining.


Yes, some people are homeless.

No, it was not created by homeless people.

The answer depends on the context of the ratio: homeless people in the rest of the world, or people in the US who are not homeless.

Homeless people live on the streets, but they do have to move time to time. They also have to live in boxes sometimes and beg for money on the street since they can not get a job.

Yes, there are homeless people right now. Over 150,000 people right now are homeless.

some people choose to be homeless or others have no choice but some could possibly be rich people pretending to be homeless so they can get more money

Homeless people are not rich they are poor!

What is homeless people life like

Homeless people have to beg. They eat what they get.

do homeless people get dog allowance

how many people are homeless in wenatchee

Like more than 15,0000,0000. Lot's of homeless people get sick and die pneumonia. Go to google or yahoo for more info.

many people are homeless because they some sort of mental illness

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