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Where do illegal immigrants in the US come from?


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They can come from all over the world.


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WHere do illegal immigrants come from.

So they can have a better life.

he does not want illegal immigrants to come to the US.

yes because we still get illegal immigrants who get in

No. Illegal immigrants refers to people who come into the country without doing it the legal way.

The term "illegal immigrant" says it all. There are no illegal immigrants who are allowed to live in the US.

I guess they feel the U.S. has the best education...

Right... now? There are immigrants getting into the US every day, by legal or illegal means.

Legal immigrants have to apply to the US government for permission to immigrate. Illegal immigrants sneak in.

Because it is ILLEGAL. If immigrants want to live in the US, they need to go through the LEGAL methods of doing so.

in 2008, 176 illegal immigrants were caught coming to Australia

An illegal immigrant to the US is, by definition, a person who has entered the country in a manner which violates US immigration law. That is the distinction between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. So yes, they get deported.

Millions of people come to this country because America is addicted to cheap labor.

Approximately, 12 million illegal immigrants are estimated to be living in the United States.

They come from countries all over the world.

Immigrants come to the US every year. There has never been a single year of US history in which there were no immigrants.

The government has passed laws that make it much harder for illegal immigrants to stay in the US. It is harder for immigrants to work.

It has a affect on you because if the government the chases the immigrants out of one state; they might come into yours.

when did old immigrants come to the united states

No. Illegal immigrants cannot legally obtain a drivers license in any state in the US.

The names of the first illegal aliens in the United States are not known. There are millions of illegal immigrants that are in the US, as of 2014.

if they are legal immigrants, yes. if they are illegal immigrants, i don't think so.

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