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in the water

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Where does jellyfishes live?


Where jellyfishes live?

in the sea

What country does jellyfishes live in?

They do not live in a country they live in the ocean.

How long could jellyfishes live?

5cm or 10cm

Where does a jellyfish live?

Jellyfishes live in oceans and seas of all around the world, in shallow or deep waters and in some rivers and lakes too. Most jellyfishes live in seawaters, some of them in freshwaters

Can jellyfishes live in the sea?

yes an sea wasp jellyfish can live in the sea.

Where in the sea do jellyfishes live?

usally by the shore where they can sting people

Do jellyfish live in freshwater?

Yes; jellyfishes live in freshwater, like some Limnomedusae.

What is a jellyfishes habitat?

They live saltwater and in freshwater.They also live in the deep part of the oceans!!

Jellyfishes live in what kind of habitat?

anywhere but the extremely cold places

What is a jellyfishes food source?

jellyfishes eat plankton fish and even feed on other jellyfishes

Where do midwater jellyfish live?

MidWater JellyFishes Live In The Abyssal Zone Of Oceans (No Light And Extremely Cold)

What do jellyfishes do?

live eat sting mate what does any other living thing do?

What are jellyfishes ennemies?

bigger animals are the jellyfishes enemies.

How do jellyfishes blood get around?

Jellyfishes don't have blood.

Does a jellyfish live alone or in a pack?

Some jellyfishes, like semaeostomeae, live in pack, while others, like rhizostomeae, live alone.

What oceans do jellyfishes live in?

Jelly fish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea.

Do jellyfish like cold or warm water?

Jellyfishes live both in warm and in very cold waters.

What is a kind of jellyfish?

A kind of jellyfishes is an artificial concept to recognize jellyfishes with same anatomy and echology.

Are jellyfishes consumers?

Yes, they are; although some jellyfishes have, inside them, mutualist symbiotic organisms which are producers.

What do jellyfish box do?

they sting worse than other jellyfishes also they are called box jellyfishes ?

What is the jellyfishes habitat?

Apart from the sea, they generally prefer warm waters-and they tend to live in salty water but some types can live in fresh water.:)yay!

What is a group of jellyfishes?


Are jellyfishes invertibrates?


Do jellyfishes have backbone?

No, they haven't.

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