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Lace wings acually live in liquids.

I once had one in my water and i screamed for my life and i have never drank eater since then!

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Do lacewings live in NZ?

Lacewings are bugs that have ears at the base of their front wings. It is stated that the lacewings do live in NZ and that they like the freshwater lakes.

Where do green lacewings live?

The green lacewing lives in gardens, meadows, and at the edges of forests.

What is the lacewings' scientific name?

Chrysopidae is the scientific name for lacewings. The name is that of the insect family that also may be called common lacewings green lacewings. It traces its origins back to the Greek words for "gold eye" or "gold face."

Are lacewings in the same family as dragonflies and damselflies?

No, they're another order entirely. Dragonflies are part of order Odonata, lacewings are Neuroptera. Dragonflies have incomplete metamorphosis with a nymph and no pupa, lacewings have a larva and pupa stage. ^^

What seasons are lacewings breed formed?


Can lacewings kill you?

NO they are entirely harmless to humans.

Are lacewings dangerous?

It is not at all poisonous, some lacewings feed on aphids and other small insects, so like ladybugs they may pinch a little.

What animals eat lacewings?

birds bats fish spiders

What can cause baldness over a cats tail and how can you treat this?


What animals gives us silk cloth?

silkworm , lacewings , spiders

What are some good bugs for your garden?

Lacewings, ladybugs, parasitic wasps, and praying mantids.

What are bugs that look like leaves?

The praying mantis does a pretty good job, as do lacewings.

How long is a green lacewing in a pupae?

Green lacewings pupate for about 8 days, depending on temperatures.

Do lacewings and leafhoppers feed at night?

Yes, lacewings and leafhoppers feed at night. Lacewings (Chrysopidae family) tend to be night-active during mature stages in their life cycles and natural histories since their wings are not strong enough to survive high-speed chases after prey or from predators. The body chemistry of leaf-hoppers (Cicadellidae family) suits nocturnal lifestyles of insects that, like moths, go for night-time's lit-up buildings and yards.

What kind of insects are on tree?

Many insects can be found on trees, including ants, lacewings, termites, inchworms and walking sticks.

This green insect is a fierce hunter?

There are a few green insects that are known as fierce hunters. Bother the preying mantis and the green lacewings

What insect has a long antennae?

there are quite allot of insects with long antennas you can find allot of them like , butterflys, grasshoppers, mayflys, and lacewings

What eats mealybug?

Outdoor mealybugs are vulnerable to a variety of parasitic and predatory insects, including wasps, brown and green lacewings, and lady beetles.

What eat mealybugs?

Outdoor mealybugs are vulnerable to a variety of parasitic and predatory insects, including wasps, brown and green lacewings, and lady beetles.

What are some animals that are insects?

there are many types of insects including ladybugs butterflys grasshopers lacewings ants bees and more ( spiders are NOT insects)

What are five insects that would be found in a garden?

Bees, butterflies, green lacewings, ground beetles and lady beetles are five insects that would be found in a garden.Specifically, bees and butterflies enjoy a garden's nectar and pollen. Green lacewings and lady beetles favor preying upon aphids. Ground beetles prefer to control such ground pests as cutworms and root maggots.

What are 12 things that can fly?

Birds, aeroplanes (airplanes), bats, helicopters, bees, dragonflies, wasps, lacewings, ladybirds (ladybugs), butterflies, moths and flying ants.

What insect has a green body with clear wings?

=Lacewings are common bugs found in the garden and they do have a small green body with clear leathery wings. they are harmless and are warmly welcomed into gardens.=

Example of insects that are useful?

Ladybugs are useful in the garden against harmful pests such as aphids. Examples of other beneficial insects include praying mantis, assassin bugs, wasps, and lacewings.

What kind of bug lays small green eggs?

There are a few different types of insects that lay small green eggs. These include Luna moths, green lacewings, and tiger swallowtails.

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